Romance, treachery, heartbreak and lots and lots of zombies... Fear the Walking Dead has given us dollops of drama and a pile-up of jaw-dropping twists since it premiered on AMC in 2015.

It returns this autumn for season six and with a massive cliffhanger ending involving one of the show’s most beloved characters, we’ll be anxiously biting our fingers until the premiere episode on October 12th.

Here is everything we know so far about season six, including new cast members and the showrunners’ verdict on the fate of Morgan Jones.

When does Fear the Walking Dead season 6 start in the UK?

Fear the Walking Dead - Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman AMC

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 starts in UK on Monday, October 12th at 9pm on AMC. 

AMC is exclusive to BT TV customers.

It airs one day after the US premiere.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6
Season six of Fear the Walking Dead explores what has become of the unlikely family once united by a mission to help those in need. After being torn apart by Virginia (Colby Minifie) and her Pioneers, the group is now dispersed across her far-reaching settlements. Morgan’s (Lennie James) last message at the end of season five implored the group to “Just Live” and this season we’ll see what that means to each of them. Some will find the stability and opportunity within Virginia's communities to be intriguing, some will sink into darkness, while others will fight back against what has been forced upon them. Life behind Virginia's walls will test each and every one of them in different ways, forcing them to define who they are in this new world.

The trailer appears to show Morgan's fate is sealed on Fear the Walking Dead as we see a glimpse of Lennie James with red eyes.

But the showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss remained coy on whether this season would be the last time we see James on the show.

"'Okay' can mean a lot of different things. Physically? Spiritually?" they joked.

"Yes that was Morgan with the red eyes. And it’s not allergies. There is something going on with Morgan."

Who is in the cast?

Colman Domingo in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

Returning for the sixth season are Lennie James, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Garret Dillahunt, Maggie Grace, Jenna Elfman, Alexa Nisenson, Austin Amelio, Ruben Blades and Karen David.

Mo Collins, who has played trucker Sarah since season four, and Colby Hollman, who joined in season five as Wes, will also be in season six in increased roles as series regulars.

Joining the cast in season six is rising star Zoe Colletti, who plays Dakota, the younger sister of Colby.

You may have previously seen Zoe in Scary Stories, A Boy Called Christmas or City on the Hill.

Lennie James reveals season 6 exclusives

Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

Talking exclusively to BT TV about Morgan's story in season 6, James saud: "I’m really excited. I’m a bit further along the road than the fans will be. It’s a testament to the show and the character to a greater or less extent that there is another twist in him. And the possibility of taking him down a road he’s not been on before and I am enjoying that road.

"This episode did feel large. It was a lone story. There were lots of moments where Morgan is just on his own. There’s a lot of silence. There’s a lot of storytelling in a different way to the usual. It was a lot more introspective for Morgan. I’m really happy with the episode and the scale of it.

"I’m pleased you thought it was good and the last 20 minutes connected. It’s a good link in to how we’re telling stories this season and also the character depth that we’re going into this season."

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What do we know about season six?

Colby Hollman in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

Season six of Fear the Walking Dead explores what has become of the unlikely family of survivors who were ripped apart by a formidable new adversary at the end of season 5.

Colby Minifie's villain Virginia will be at the centre of the new season after she potentially killed off Lennie James's Morgan at the end of season 5.

In the trailer for the new season, we see Virginia making a call to a mysterious new character to find out what happened to Morgan.

Walking Dead boss Scott M Gimble told fans at Comic-Con that we'll see new dimensions to Virginia in season 6 as her little sister Dakota, played by Zoe Colletti joins the show.

"There are a number of new characters. With each new character, they open up new worlds," said Gimple.

"One of the characters is someone who opens up a whole new side to Virginia. And that is her little sister, Dakota.

"It shows a whole different side to her personality. Seeing Colletti and Colby together, it’s scary and fun."

Discussing the new "anthology style" season 6, Gimple added: "The format of the new season means it's like 16 little movies that all fold into each other.

"The Walking Dead, those characters are fully evolved as survivors and in World Beyond, those characters are starting out.

"This show has characters in the middle of their evolution. That’s something that makes it unique in the universe right now."

Colby Minifie as Virginia in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

Showrunner Andrew Chambliss revealed: "Virginia is now calling the shots. Our characters are not masters of their own universe anymore. They are living under Virginia’s rule and in Virginia’s communities.

"It’s a big paradigm shift and we’re really interested in what this does to our characters. What you’ll see is some very different shades to these characters. They’ll all be tested in ways they’ve not been tested before.

"How will they fit in Virginia’s world? Will they rebel? Will they accept it? You will be very surprised with how these characters react and tonally it’s going to be a darker season.

"We’re going to have an anthology structure to these episodes, so we’ll deep dive into how these characters live in Virginia’s community in the style of episodes we’ve loved in the past like John Dorie and Laura in season four or Alicia and Charlie in the cabin. We’ll see lots more of that storytelling in season six."

How did season 5 end?

Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

If you’ve forgotten the ending, there was one tiny little cliff-hanger that closed the season. Is Morgan going to die?

Lennie James's character has been part of the Walking Dead universe since the very first episode and he’s escaped plenty of tight spots in the past, but at the end of season 5 it looked like the long-time survivor was doomed.

In the finale episode End of the Line, Morgan was shot by Ginny (Colby Minifie) and was left bleeding with walkers closing in on him.

Morgan appeared resigned to his gate, putting a message on the walkie-talkie, telling his gang of friends to "just live".

However, we never saw Morgan die and the show’s writers haven’t confirmed or denied that he has croaked it.

"It certainly doesn't look good for Morgan," co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told Entertainment Weekly.

"We've seen Morgan survive some pretty scary things in the past, but this might be the biggest test he's faced yet.

"He's completely alone. He's without his entire group. He's been shot. He's got walkers encroaching upon him.

"He tells everyone else to live. Whether he'll be able to do that, we'll have to see. And we'll have to see if even his message reached the rest of the group, because there's nothing that tells us anyone even heard. So that's a question for season 6."

Will there be any more crossovers with The Walking Dead?

Dwight and Sherry in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

Following Morgan and Dwight jumping from The Walking Dead to Fear is Christine Evangelista, who plays Sherry.

Dwight's long-missing wife was last seen in The Walking Dead season 7, but a post on Fear the Walking Dead's social account confirmed she would be part of the Fear season 6 - in some form.

"Is this a dream, or a reunion?" read the post, with a picture of Dwight and Sherry reunited.

Dwight came to Fear the Walking Dead in a quest to find Sherry, who had left notes for him in the places she'd been.

Speaking about the arrival of Sherry, Fear the Walking Dead's showrunners Ian Golberg and Andrew Chambliss said: "We did release a photo of the two of them together, so that's probably not a secret. We will see Dwight and Sherry together.

"We’re big fans of the character of Dwight and he was a very different man by the end of season five on Fear.

"He was once Negan’s top lietenannt and now he’s in a position of hope, with a new family and there was a whole new light to him.

"What’s interesting to us is if that reunion happens, he’s a different person now, she may be a different person, so it may not go quite as they expected."

How can I watch AMC?

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia in Fear the Walking Dead AMC

AMC is a drama channel, exclusive to BT TV.

The UK home of shows including Fear the Walking Dead, The Terror and NOS4A2.

BT TV customers can watch on channel 332/381 HD.

Fear the Walking Dead will start in UK on Monday, October 12th at 9pm on AMC. 

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