Behind Her Eyes: Why you'll be addicted to Netflix's twist-filled psychological thriller

Sarah Pinborough’s bestselling book - notorious twist and all - is coming to Netflix in February and everyone is going to be talking about it. Here's all you need to know.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 17 February 2021 - 5.58pm

Up to date on Cobra Kai? Caught up on the gossip from Bridgerton? Finished Lupin and The Queen’s Gambit? If you’re looking for a new Netflix binge-watch in February, we've got the answer.

The highly anticipated adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel Behind Her Eyes is nearly here and if you like your TV thrillers dark, twist-filled and full of psychological chills, you’re going to be in for a treat.

Here is everything you need to know about Behind Her Eyes...

When is Behind Her Eyes out on Netflix?

Watch all six episodes of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix now.

What is Behind Her Eyes about?

The official synopsis for the series reveals the following details...

Louise Barnsley is a young, single mum whose otherwise uneventful life is plagued by night terrors. But things take a turn when she becomes romantically involved with her handsome and mysterious boss, psychiatrist David Ferguson. To make matters more complicated, David also happens to be married to the beautiful, seemingly-perfect Adele.

When Louise bumps into Adele by chance, they form a secret friendship and bond over Adele’s own history of nightmares. Adele learned to control hers years ago and wants to teach Louise to do the same with the help of instructions in an old journal written by Rob, a troubled friend from her past.

Behind Her Eyes - Meet the cast

How We Made It: Netflix thriller Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes: First review

As Louise reads through Rob’s journal and grows closer to the lonely and isolated Adele, she learns more about Adele’s complicated marriage and turbulent history filled with trauma and loss.

She also learns about Adele’s friendship with Rob, who was once Adele’s closest friend during their stay at a psychiatric hospital but is now strangely absent. Adele had taught him the art of lucid dreaming - the ability to control his dreams.

From there, the love triangle and web of lies unravels, exposing secrets with the help of the supernatural.

Who are the Behind Her Eyes cast?


Louise Barnsley - Played by Simona Brown

Louise Barnsley is a young single mum whose otherwise uneventful life takes a turn when she becomes romantically involved with her handsome - and married - boss, psychiatrist David Ferguson.

After a chance encounter with David’s wife, Adele, Louise befriends her and is entangled in a love triangle of secrecy and lies. On top of the guilt, she is often plagued by night terrors manifesting from past trauma.

David Ferguson - Tom Bateman

David Ferguson is the handsome and mysterious psychiatrist who embarks on an affair with his secretary, Louise Barnsley, while still married to the beautiful and seemingly-perfect Adele. He is burdened with guilt and self-loathing, harboring secrets he and Adele both share. Regardless of his efforts, he can’t keep his two worlds separate or escape from the past.

Adele Ferguson - Eve Hewson

Adele Ferguson is lonely and isolated in the marital home she shares with her husband David. Desperate to make her once-loving spouse happy, Adele subserviently accepts the little autonomy she’s left with.

It’s not until she secretly forms a friendship with David’s mistress, Louise - something she hasn’t had for a long time - that she feels empowered to take back control of her own life.

Rob - Robert Aramayo

Rob is Adele’s best friend from her past and is seen in flashbacks from their time spent together in a psychiatric hospital. Drug-addicted and troubled, he is intensely drawn to Adele’s kindness and devotion to helping him work through his demons. Rob can’t bear the thought of not being part of his best friend’s life in the real world.

Why is everyone talking about Behind Her Eyes and its notorious twist?


Executive producer Jessica Burdett says that she knew immediately after reading the book she knew it would work on screen.

"I read it, very quickly, because it’s such a page-turner – I recall having to stay up until 1am to finish it,” said Burdett.

“It’s a psychological thriller but there are so many more layers to it as it plays with genre. I thought it could be very cinematic and it would be like nothing we’d made before.

“So we got [book author] Sarah Pinborough in, and pitched to her, and luckily she thought it was a good idea.

Fellow producer Suzanne Mackie added: “We all read so many books, scripts and treatments every day, but this was very quickly obvious, which makes our life easier.

“I really liked the characters - it felt very contemporary and ‘street’. I love the way Sarah writes with so much confidence. I loved all the layers. I thought the grounded drama was so appealing and so rooted in truth, but the fact that it had these additional heightened elements was very exciting.”

Talking about the book’s famous twist, Jessica said: “Everyone seemed to really respect the twist when it was published. Part of the buzz for a reader is keeping it a secret then being able to share it with someone else when they’ve read it too.

“Hopefully our version will provide that ‘water cooler moment’, too. People don’t really want to spoil things for each other. Hopefully they will be sitting on the edge of their sofas, dying to talk about it with people as soon as they’ve finished watching it.”


Talking about the inspiration for Behind Her Eyes, author Sarah Pinborough said it was her love for psychological thrillers and a trip to her local boozer that helped her bring the story to life.

“I was walking down Chiswick High Road thinking I had five days to come up with something and I had nothing. So in true English style, I went to the pub, got a glass of wine and took my notebook out,” she said.

“I'd wanted to write about the toxic and yet obsessive nature of affairs but wanted to add something different in, and so thought to myself, ‘What in my world is really important to me?’, and dreaming is important to me. I would hate to be a person who doesn’t dream. So I made it also about dreaming and then it morphed into this kind of Polanski/Hitchcock fever-dream book. And then the twist just came to me!”

“I made it also about dreaming and then it morphed into this kind of Polanski/Hitchcock fever-dream book. And then the twist just came to me!”
- Sarah Pinborough

She also offered an insight into how she surprised and shocked readers with the twist in her book.

“At first you are not sure. You do get clues quite early on that there is something a bit off with some of them, but my trick with thrillers is that no one is looking for twists right at the beginning," she explained.

“Your readers are lazy on page one. They will believe whatever is on page one and subconsciously they will stick with that. Their brain isn’t engaged in the same way, they are just reading the set-up and then they look for the twists later.”

How many episodes of Behind Her Eyes are there?

The book has been adapted into a six-episode series. And, trust us, you will want to stick with it for episode six’s big twist.

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