A Town Called Malice: Jack Rowan, Martha Plimpton, Eliza Butterworth and Tahirah Sharif talk 80s fashion, music and Paul Weller

We speak to the cast of A Town Called Malice about filming in Tenerife, looking and feeling the part in authentic 80s costumes and singing along to the show's classic jukebox soundtrack.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 16 March 2023 - 2.01pm
Martha Plimpton and Eliza Butterworth talk about A Town Called Malice
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"This is the era of big and flash and camp and trashy. This is leopard skin and big shoulder pads. This is tight Fila tennis shorts. This is golden beaches and golden tans."

If you’re ready to hop into a time machine and head back to the Costa Del Sol of the 1980s, you can stream every episode of A Town Called Malice on Sky Max with NOW.

The eight-part gangster thriller and family saga is a love letter to 80s music and is perfect sunny escapism for anyone sick of the long British winter.

We caught up with the show’s stars Jack Rowan, Martha Plimpton, Eliza Butterworth and Tahirah Sharif to talk about filming the show in Tenerife, their wild costumes, the 80s jukebox soundtrack and a very special celebrity cameo.

'The women are powerhouses'

“One of things that I really loved about this show is that the women seemed to be really participating, not in the same way as the men, but in the way they are the drivers of the story,” said Hollywood icon Martha Plimpton.

“That was critical to me and so much more interesting to me than a big old sausage fest!

“All the women are so well written and well-drawn. Eliza’s character and [Plimpton's role] Mint Ma and Tahirah’s character, you think they are one way and then by the end they are something else entirely. What Nick Love has done is fantastic.”

“It was so much more interesting than a big old sausage-fest”
- Martha Plimpton

Eliza Butterworth, who plays the glamorous Carly Lord in the series, added: “The women are so powerful. They are powerhouses, call the shots and are so much fun. They are brash, beautiful and bold.

“Mint Ma is so awesome, so fierce and there is such a sense of humour. And all her sons totally adore her and look up to her. Although Albert is the patriarch, Mint Ma is completely his equal and if anything she is the one keeping him on track.”

'Gold jewellery and shoulder pads, I loved it!'

Martha Plimpton as Mint Ma in A Town Called Malice

“A lot of the stuff was real vintage,” explains Jack Rowan, who plays the Lord family’s youngest son Gene.

“Some of my track jackets were the original Fila B Js. When you put them on, they do feel different. They had to swap you out of them at lunch so you didn’t spill anything on them.

“I got given a load of newer track jackets. I got to keep a load of them.”

Martha Plimpton’s Mint Ma didn’t get any tracksuits, but she was equally impressed by her wardrobe.

“It’s nice to go to work in a kaftan. It’s so great to be in loungewear all day. Our costume designer Mollie Emma Rowe was just brilliant.

“She nailed it visually and helped us get the physical element of our character. You just look at what each character is wearing and you know immediately who they are. It’s what a great costume designer can pull off.”

Eliza Butterworth added: “The gold jewellery and shoulder pads, I loved it all. And Daniel Sharman’s shirts are on another level - you want to raid that wardrobe!”

Stream every episode of A Town Called Malice on Sky Max with NOW.