After enjoying a pop career with reality TV pioneers Hear’Say and 13 years as Michelle Connor in Coronation Street, Kym Marsh is now turning her hand to TV presenting.

Marsh is co-hosting the BBC’s new topical daytime series Morning Live, and on Crime and Investigation channel she presents Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh.

The true crime series sees detectives, police officers, journalists and experts walking viewers through tragic deaths of innocent people murdered by someone they thought they could trust.

We caught up with Kym to talk about her TV passions and find out why she wanted to get involved in the Crime and Investigation series…

If you could appear in any TV show which one would you choose?

Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh Crime and Investigation/A+E

I would love to be in Peaky Blinders. That’s one of the best shows around. I would love it. They’ve not had a Manchester gang yet. They need to have some Mancunian moll turning up somewhere. I can be a Mancunian woman gangster

What was your proudest moment on Coronation Street?

The baby loss storyline we did was a really big deal, as it was something I’d gone through myself. I’m really glad we did it because I wasn’t sure initially if it was something I wanted to revisit or not. But I’m glad we did because it really raised awareness of baby loss.

It really reached out to a lot of people and people shared stories, it ended up in the House of Commons where we were praised for the story, because it was important and it mattered. It was a ground-breaking story for us. I was proud of the show for daring to tell the story properly.

You’ve never done one of the big reality shows – have you ever been tempted?

Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh Crime and Investigation/A+E

I don’t know why really. I’ve been really lucky because I’ve always been so busy doing other things. While I wouldn’t sit here and say ‘never’, it’s just not been something that’s on my agenda. Having come from such a big reality TV show, I think I had my fill of reality for a while. But I would never say never. You may see me on something… one day.

Did starting out on Popstars put you off being judged on TV?

No, not at all. Let’s face it, the Popstars show changed my life. Going onto a reality TV show now isn’t going to have the same impact. Now, it would just be a case of not being that bothered. But the judging part of it doesn’t put me off.

What was your favourite lockdown TV show?

That’s a tricky question, because anyone who knows me knows that I struggle to sit down for longer than 15 minutes at a time!

But generally I watch Netflix to catch up on everything. I discovered Friday Night Dinner, which I’d never seen before, and that gave me lots of nice laughs – something we really needed in lockdown.

More recently I’ve been watching The Fall. That reappeared on Netflix and my older kids had never seen it before. It was worth watching again.

What is Murder at My Door about?

Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh Crime and Investigation/A+E

Murder at My Door is a true crime series. It’s about people who have been murdered by someone they know. Someone that they trust. They have been murdered by someone close to them. We talk to the victim’s families and friends and they share their story.

Why did you want to present the show?

I do like the Crime and Investigation channel. They tell interesting and important stories and I thought they were important stories to tell. Often I don’t think people consider that people are killed by people they know. I think it’s something like 70% of people are killed by someone they know, which is quite shocking.

The first episode is about Ellie Gould, she was  just 17 years old. Not only was it was it very recent, but being a mum myself and listening to that, putting myself into that position, was very hard.

Watching Ellie’s mum, family and friends talk about it as bravely as they did, that was an episode that I took away with me. Probably because I’m a parent, that episode really got to me.

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