Your favourite gang are back, as Brassic returns for a fourth season!

Brassic season 4 is bigger and better than ever, as Vinnie (Joseph ‘Joe’ Gilgun), Erin (Michelle Keegan), Dylan (Damien Molony) and the motley crue of lovable misfits return to cause more chaos in Hawley. 

Here, we reveal everything we know so far about Brassic season 4, including the confirmed release date, who’s in the cast, the plot, a trailer, and more.

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What is the Brassic season 4 release date?

Brassic season 4 will premiere on Sky Max and streaming service NOW on Wednesday 7 September.

It’s not been announced how many episodes there are in Brassic season 4, but we expect there to be eight episodes like there were in season 3.

It was commissioned for a fourth season in June 2021.  

You can catch up on Brassic seasons 1-3 on Sky Max with NOW.

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Who’s in the cast of Brassic season 4?

All of the main cast of Brassic are expected to return for season 4, including Joseph 'Joe' Gilgun (who plays Vinnie), Michelle Keegan (Erin) and Damien Molony (Dylan).

  • Joseph 'Joe' Gilgun - Vinnie O'Neil

  • Michelle Keegan - Erin Croft

  • Damien Molony - Dylan

  • Tom Hanson - Cardi

  • Aaron Heffernan - Ash

  • Ryan Sampson - Tommo

  • Parth Thakerar - JJ

  • Joanna Higson - Sugar

  • Bronagh Gallagher - Carol Dennings

  • Steve Evets - Jim

  • Dominic West - Dr Chris Cox

  • Ramon Tikaram - Terence McCann

  • Jude Riordan - Tyler

  • John Weaver - Carl Slater

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What’s the plot of Brassic season 4?

The official plot for Brassic season 4 is as follows: 

"With all the Brassic gang back in Hawley, things don’t get any easier. Join Vinnie, Erin, Tommo, Dylan, Ashley, JJ, Cardi, Carol, Sugar, farmer Jim, and Dr Chris as they hatch eccentric plans, complete questionable heists and nick some bizarre items. From discovering severed body parts to training racing dogs, then finding unexpected guests and causing mayhem at a murder mystery night, trouble is never far away when Brassic comes to town."

A previous plot synopis for Brassic season 4 read as follows:

“Vinnie and the gang are returning for another series of Sky’s biggest original comedy. Whether it’s heisting horses, borrowing beehives, swindling snakes or embezzling weddings, there’s no deal too dodgy for ne’er-do-well Vinnie and his motley crew.”

Brassic Vinnie played by Joe Gilgun and Erin played by Michelle Keegan
Brassic season 3 ended with a cliffhanger for Vinnie and Erin

What happened at the end of Brassic season 3?

Season 3 ended on a massive cliffhanger, with Erin (Michelle Keegan) wanting out of Hawley to start a new life for herself and her son Tyler (Corrie's Jude Riordan).

Needless to say, fans were devastated by the ending, as they expected Vinnie and Erin to finally get together in season 3.

One fan wrote a heartfelt post on Reddit, exclaiming: "I’m absolutely heartbroken by the ending of season 3, they built up the whole Erin, Vinnie and Tyler relationship just for her too leave right at the end I’m gutted (sic)."

You may remember that Tyler was kidnapped by Terrence McCann (Ramon Tikaram) and his men, so you can't exactly blame Erin for wanting to keep her family safe.

But what does that mean for her relationship with Tyler's dad Vinnie, and of course Dylan, who raised Tyler as his own son?

In the trailer for Brassic season 4, Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) can be heard saying “I just need to see her, so I can talk to her properly” about Erin, so it sounds like Erin really has left the town.

We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for this love triangle...

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Who created Brassic?

Brassic was created in 2019 by Joe Gilgun and Danny Brocklehurst.

Joe is an English actor known for roles in Coronation Street, This Is England, Misfits and Preacher.

In 2021, he was nominated for a BAFTA for his role as Vinnie in Brassic. 

Brocklehurst is an acclaimed screenwriter, perhaps most known for his work on Shameless, for which he won a BAFTA TV Award and RTS Television Award.

He's also written for TV shows including Ordinary Lies and No Return, as well as working closely with Harlan Coben to adapt his books into TV shows for Netflix, including Safe and The Stranger.

In an interview with us in May 2020, Brocklehurst said that Joe's life growing up in Chorley in Lancashire inspires the show, with something that's happened in his life often acting as a springboard for a specific storyline.

He said: “They [the storylines] usually have a kernel of truth to them. Life isn’t an hour-long TV show, it doesn’t have a three-act structure. So you’ve got to kind of craft it, and work it into something else. But quite a lot of the ideas do start with the fact that something like this did really happen.” 

Joe Gilgun (who plays Vinnie) created Brassic with Danny Brocklehurst
Joe Gilgun (who plays Vinnie) created Brassic with Danny Brocklehurst

Is there a trailer for Brassic season 4?

Yes there is! You can watch it right here at the top of this page. 

From the first look at season 4 in the trailer, it’s already clear that Vinnie and the gang are up to no good as they’re seen causing more mayhem in Hawley - including breaking into a hotel room in balaclavas!

Where was Brassic season 4 filmed?

Filming for Brassic season 4 took place in Lancashire and North Wales between August 2021 and January 2022.

Cast members shared behind-the-scenes photos from filming on their social media accounts:

The Lancashire town of Bacup is the setting for the fictional town of Hawley in the show.

Bacup is a 45-minute drive from Chorley, where show co-creator Joe Gilgun grew up and drew inspiration for the show.

Filming also takes place around Manchester city centre, with the pub that the gang hang out in called the Star and Garter, near to Piccadilly Station.

Will there be a Brassic season 5?

Brassic season 5 hasn’t been commissioned by Sky, but that doesn’t mean that it’s definitely not happening. The show’s co-creators Joe Gilgun and Danny Brocklehurst are both keen to create more series of Brassic.

In an exclusive interview with us in May 2020 to promote Brassic season 2, Brocklehurst said that it all depends on the ratings: “I think Sky were always incredibly bullish and confident about Brassic, and seemed to really like it, so I always thought there was going to be a couple of series with it because it just seemed like a show they really liked."

He did caveat that with the fact that he wouldn’t want to continue making Brassic “just for the sake of it." Brocklehurst said: “Whilst everybody wants to be in work, none of us want it go rubbish.”

More recently, in a September 2021 interview to promote Brassic season 3, Damien Molony - who plays Dylan - said he’d be on board for another season.

"I'm sure Joe [Gilgun] has plenty of ideas, and I think he definitely owes us an episode in continental Europe so and we can all have a couple of weeks in the sun. That would be amazing if we could do an episode by the beach on sun loungers!" he laughed.

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Stream Brassic season 4 from Wednesday 7 September on Sky Max with NOW.

Stream Brassic seasons 1-3 on Sky Max with NOW.