Bloods: All you need to know about the new paramedic comedy

Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks star in a new comedy series coming to Sky One with NOW TV about a pair of mismatched paramedics in South London.

Published: 2 March 2020 - 12.38pm
NOW TV Comedy

Jane Horrocks

Sky UK Samson Kayo as Maleek & Jane Horrocks as Wendy

Bloods is coming soon to Sky One with NOW TV

Bloods sees Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks star as paramedics in a new comedy series from the producers of People Just Do Nothing and Stath Lets Flats.

The show began life in 2018 as a one-off comedy short, Samson Kayo’s New Blood, but has now been developed into a six-part series.

“I’m super excited to show the world Bloods, especially because I almost became a paramedic,” said Kayo of his new project. “Lucky for the NHS, I chose to play the character instead!”

Who is in it? 

Samson Kayo (Timewasters) stars as Maleek, a loner and wannabe hardman working as a paramedic in South London. Jane Horrocks (Absolutely Fabulous) plays his new work partner Wendy, an over-friendly divorcee who doesn’t seem like a good match for budding vlogger Maleek.

Despite a rocky start, the pair soon become to depend on each other, and Bloods follows their struggle to gain the respect of their colleagues.

When is it out?

There’s no word on when Bloods will be released, but we’ll update this page when a date is announced. 

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