What is Response by Doro and how does it work?

Response by Doro is a free service from Doro that connects Doro customers to their emergency contacts by pressing the Response button on the back of a compatible Doro phone.

When the Response button is pressed on a compatible Doro device it sends alerts to the user’s chosen group of emergency contacts. There is no limit to how many emergency contacts a user can have.

The service works through an app that is pre-installed on compatible handsets for Doro users, and is available for responders to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Each emergency contact can accept or reject the alert. If they accept it, they are immediately put on a voice call with the Doro user who does not need to manually accept the call and is put on hands-free mode. The Doro user’s location is also sent to their loved one via text message. Any current and completed alerts can be reviewed in the Response by Doro App.

If none of the emergency contacts are available to accept the alert, the alert changes to ‘Not Handled’ on the device. The Doro user can send another alert or contact emergency services if necessary.

In addition to the alert capabilities, the Response by Doro app also allows the emergency contacts to:

• monitor the current location of the Doro user’s handset
• review the battery level
• set and adjust mobile functions such as screen brightness and handset ring volume


What’s the difference between Doro and Doro Response Premium? 

Response Premium by Doro is a paid service which has the functionality offered by Response by Doro, with the additional security of the Doro Alarm Receiving Centre accepting alerts if the emergency contacts cannot. Response Premium by Doro costs £15 per month. Please note: only emergency contacts are able to pay and finalise setup of the Response Premium service.

As with Response by Doro, when a Doro user presses their alert button, their chosen emergency contacts will be alerted. If none are available to receive the alert, a Doro user with Response Premium will be put through to Doro’s UK-based Alarm Receiving Centre which is open 24/7. The Doro user does not have to manually place the call and the device is put into hands-free mode.

The Alarm Receiving Centre operator will know who the caller is as well as any information provided in set-up, such as medical information, if this has been shared by the Doro user. The operator will assess the situation and arrange the best course of action. 


Do I need signal and minutes for Response by Doro to work?

Yes, as the calls between the Doro user and emergency contact, or the Doro user and Doro's Alarm Receiving Centre are not free of charge. The Doro user will need minutes allowance for the alarm to work and the emergency contacts will need data or Wi-Fi connection to receive the alert through the Response by Doro app. Good signal coverage is also necessary.

What happens if I change my handset?

If you are a User

To link your account to your new device, you just need to log into the Response by Doro app on the new device. Your account is linked to your phone number, so it’ll transfer over to your new device when you log in.

If you are a Responder

You just need to download the Response by Doro app and log in with your existing details.


What happens if I change numbers?

If you are a User or a Responder

If your number changes you will need to cancel your old subscription on the Doro website (, then create a new account with your new number. This is because your account is linked to your phone number.


Can I pause Doro?

The Response Premium service can be cancelled and reactivated as needed.


How do I cancel Doro?

You can cancel your subscription in the Response by Doro app under Settings/Web Services or through the Doro contact centre. Cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle and the service will still be available until the next payment is due.  



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