Digital Dash - Terms and Conditions

The BT Skills for Tomorrow Digital e-learning App ("Digital Dash App") is offered by BT Plc as part of our BT Skills for Tomorrow initiative to train 10 million people with digital skills by 2025.

Before joining the Digital Dash challenge, we just need you to read a few words about how the Digital Dash App works, including some rules about what players can and cannot do.

The Digital Dash App has been created to help children learn simple digital skills while still having fun. After creating their avatar athlete, children will go through a series of mini-games to train their avatar in preparation for a race. Six of these games are influenced by computational thinking concepts and will help children learn soft skills like algorithms and logical reasoning, which will help them prepare for the digital world.

  • The promoter is BT Plc, 1 Braham Street, London, E1 8EE
  • Digital Dash App is open to all primary school age children who are resident in the UK. You do not need to be a customer of BT or a BT group company to download and play the App.
  • The Digital Dash challenge, which involves e-learning games and activities for primary school age children, will be offered online via the BT Digital Dash App only, from mid-June 2020 until the end of August 2020 (although this time period may be extended at BT's sole discretion). To join the challenge, the app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • To sign up to Digital Dash App, the parent or legal guardian o the child must (i) provide their consent for the child to play the App and (ii) agree to these terms and conditions. The child will then be asked to create a username from a dropdown options menu. Usernames will not contain any personal data about the child.
  • Once sign-up is completed, participants will create their own avatars, train them and see how well their avatar's perform on the App's race track. If the parent or legal guardian has provided consent, the players will compete to earn a place on the Digital Dash leader board. Entry on to the leader board is dictated by the performance of your avatar. Six avatars will be chosen from the top fifty players on the leader board, and the parent or legal guardian (whose email address is submitted at the time of sign-up to the app) will be contacted to see if the child would like to take part in a Digital Dash live event taking place in mid-July 2020.
  • Playing the Digital Dash App is free of charge. No purchase is necessary. however, if you are playing from a connected device using a broadband account that does not benefit from unlimited data, this could result in your account incurring charges for the use of broadband required to maintain the internet connection required to enable the Digital Dash App.
  • The Digital Dash App is provided solely for the child's learning and entertainment and as a way to make children and their parents or legal guardians aware of all the exciting learning opportunities offered by BT as part of our Skills for Tomorrow programme. While players will get a score based on the e-learning games and modules completed, and may appear on the leader board (as per above), there are no prizes or other rewards being offered for playing the Digital Dash App.

By agreeing to these terms when you submit your email address, and tick the relevant boxes to indicate whether or not you consent to (i) the child's username appearing on the Digital Dash leader board, and/or (ii) for BT to see the child's usage of the App to understand how much e-learning is being delivered, you can confirm that:

  • You are the parent or legal guardian of the child who will be playing the Digital Dash App and that you are authorised to agree to these terms and any other terms that apply to the use of the Digital Dash App by that child, and that you have read and understood the BT Privacy Policy and BT Cookie Policy.
  • If you or the child playing the Digital Dash App provide any personal data to BT, you are entitled to do so or to permit the child to do so. You acknowledge that BT shall be considered the data controller in respect of any personal data that is collected, sorted and otherwise processed in connection with the Digital Dash App. BT may lawfully process that personal data as envisaged under these terms, in particular for the operation of the Digital Dash App, and in accordance with the parent or legal guardian consents provided and the BT Privacy Policy.
  • You acknowledge that BT may use the username (which will not include the child's personal name), and/or/ leaderboard scores (if applicable) ("Participant Data") for promotional purposes, including to promote the Digital Dash live event and other BT Skills for Tomorrow activities or events. BT has the option, but not the obligation, to use Participant Data in any media, worldwide, without any further attribution, notification or compensation.
  • If you have provided the appropriate consent at time of sign-up to the Digital Dash App, and if the child's performance in the Digital Dash App achieves a high enough score such that he or she becomes eligible to have his or her username appear on the App's leader board, you acknowledge that once published, this username will become and remain publicly available. For clarification, the username will not include the child's name or any personal data.
  • You and/or the child playing the App will not use any automated process or cheat, such as by using a bot, or BT will disqualify you and the child from playing the Digital Dash App and from participating in the Digital Dash live event. BT reserves the right to disqualifying person it finds to be in violation of these terms or to be acting in an unsporting or disruptive manner. BT reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify the Digital Dash App (or any part of it) if fraud, technical failure, human error or any other problem impairs its proper operation.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and in the event of any disputed or claims arising out of or in connection with these terms, the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction.

For more information or if you have comments or questions about these terms and conditions or other aspects of the Digital Dash App, you can contact the team by post at BT Digital Dash, 1 Braham Street, London, E1 8EE.

So, on your marks. Get set. Join the Dash!

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