Can I watch EE TV in more than one room?

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You can get EE TV in a second room with Extra Box. This gives you an additional non-recordable TV box to watch EE TV in another room at the same time. You can watch all the channels, Catch Up and On Demand services that you can view on your main box.

What do I need to get Extra Box?

  • Fibre broadband with speeds of 40Mbps or more
  • An Extra Box subscription
  • Two EE TV Boxes (either the EE TV Box Pro or EE TV Box Mini)  - both connected to your Hub via wi-fi or Ethernet cable

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Things you need to be aware of with Extra Box


The EE TV Box Pro and the EE TV Box Mini are both wi-fi enabled so Complete Wi-Fi and wi-fi extenders will certainly help if there are wi-fi black spots or dead spots (weak, or no signal). If you’re using an ethernet cable, you will be able to use powerline adapters and mini-connectors with the EE TV Box Pro and EE TV Box Mini. We recommend the use of an Ethernet cable for the best experience. There is an Ethernet cable included in your box.

For the best possible connection, you should place your EE TV Box Pro or EE TV Box Mini within 5m of your Smart Hub. Try to make sure there's only one wall, floor or ceiling separating it from your Smart Hub at most.

If your home set-up/circumstances mean you cannot have the TV Box and the Hub (or your Internet Access Point) within 5 m of each other, consider our Complete Wi-Fi solution as that would improve your viewing experience.

We have limited Extra Box to two boxes to make sure you get the best possible experience. However, using two boxes to stream content over your broadband connection requires greater broadband speed, so there may be occasions when you experience pixilation, failed recordings or an IPC6023 error message.

If this happens, it may be because your broadband isn't fast enough to support everything you're watching or recording. There are some steps you can take to fix this issue:

  • If you're watching an HD version of a channel, switch to the standard version - for example, TNT Sport 1 instead of TNT Sport 1 HD
  • Make sure you're set up correctly and your BT Hub is connected to your TV box via an Ethernet cable, not Powerline Adapters
  • If you receive error IPC 6023, get more help for IPC errors >

To get the best possible picture quality, please use the HDMI cable we sent you with your TV Box.

Account and security:

Extra Box is available on a monthly rolling contract. If you cancel your Extra Box subscription within the wider EE TV contract, you'll have to pay until the next month starts (the same date that your original contract started). You will need to return your Extra Box too, otherwise you may be charged. 

If you have our HD Add-On you can watch HD channels on both boxes and if you have purchased a film or TV box set from the EE TV Store you can watch on either box, but you will only be able to watch on one box at a time.

Recordings are only available to watch on the TV box on which they were recorded.

Your Parental control PIN is set on each box and it can be set to the same number on both boxes.

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