Freeview explained

Freeview is digital TV channels that are subscription free. It comes through your TV aerial, not via broadband like On Demand programmes do.


What channels are on Freeview and which ones can I receive?

There are more than 94 standard channels and 16 HD channels, with new channels regularly added.

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Suddenly missing Freeview channels you used to have?

To get back any missing channels, you can retune your BT TV box by performing a channel scan:

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Tips on getting the best Freeview reception


  • 90% of Freeview problems are down to a poor quality aerial or wiring. So make sure you've got a good external (or loft) aerial that can receive a digital Freeview signal (a TV set-top aerial is unlikely to be good enough, even with a booster).
  • Check your aerial is pointing in the same direction as your neighbours'.
  • Weather - low pressure or windy conditions - can affect your Freeview signal, especially if the aerial isn't securely mounted. Weather can disrupt picture quality, cause pixelation, picture freezes and missing channels.
  • Transmitter changes and maintenance can change the channels you can receive, and their quality.
  • Make sure you're using good quality cables, so the signal reaches you with minimum picture loss and interference.


If you're having issues and your aerial was installed within the last 12 months by TSG (Total Support Group), please contact them on 03331210024. 


If you continue to have Freeview problems or just want to find out more, visit or call the Freeview advice line on 03456 505050.


Is BT responsible for my Freeview service?


No, BT TV and Freeview are independent of each other.

Freeview is the brand name of the free Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) channels that are broadcast throughout the UK. How many Freeview channels you'll get also depends on the quality of your aerial.

In the terms of your BT TV service it says:

"The quality of digital terrestrial TV content, the Freeview picture and the number of channels, if any, that you can receive is dependent on the quality of the broadcast and your television aerial and the availability of Freeview in your area. We (BT) are not responsible for this."

See the full BT TV Terms and Conditions (opens in new window).


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