How to check Powerline Adapters or BT Mini Connectors are working

From time to time BT may introduce alternative Powerlines. BT currently supports the below Powerline Adapters (for use with BT Hubs and BT TV Box)

Your Powerline Adapters and BT Mini Connectors are set to work together as a pair and should work perfectly out of the box.  The best way to way to test them is to find a double socket and plug them in next to each other. You can use an extension strip (but not an anti-surge strip) for testing purposes, but you should use a wall socket in normal network setup. 

Once plugged in, after 10 to 40 seconds the Powerline Adapters will configure themselves. See below to see how your Powerline Adapters indicate they are working normally.

BT Mini Connectors

Check Correct Configuration

Both the Data and Power lights should be solid blue

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Broadband Extender 600

Check Correct Configuration

The Data, Ethernet and Power lights should be green

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