Using voicemail

Using voicemail

Voicemail is an answering service that answers calls when you're away from the phone or engaged on another call. A stutter dial tone tells you there's a new message waiting.

To order, dial 1571 from your home phone.


  • It'll store up to 20 messages for 60 days (or 20 days if you've listened to them)
  • To access messages when you're away from home, set a PIN by choosing option 3 on the 1571 menu. To check messages, dial your home number, press star, then enter your PIN when 1571 answers
  • Record a personal greeting, changing it as often as you like

How do I record a personal greeting

  • Dial 1571 from your home phone
  • Press '2' from the main menu
  • Press '1' to record your own greeting or 2 to choose the standard greeting
  • After pressing '1', record a greeting after the tone. Press square (#) to finish
  • You can check what you've recorded before deciding to use it, or to record another version. To cancel recording and return to the greeting menu, press star (*)

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