It says I can't order a BT landline, BT Broadband or EE TV at my address. What does this mean?

There are certain places around the UK where other telecoms providers have exclusive rights to provide telephony and broadband services. As a result we're not able to offer all BT services there.

The main example of this is Hull, which is served by Kingston Communications (Kcom). There are also other more recent housing developments where the property developer has given sole rights to another network provider to provide landlines and broadband. The other providers will have laid their own cables while the property was being built and we're unable to get access to those cables or put in our own. Although we can't provide you with a BT landline, BT Broadband or EE TV, you can still order BT Sport or BT Mobile.

If you had BT services at your old address and we can't supply them your new one, you won't be liable for any termination charges.

If you don't know who your provider is, then get in touch with your landlord or the developer. Any arrangements like this should be covered in any contract or agreement. If you weren't aware of this, raise any concerns with your landlord or developer to start with. If you want to take it further then contact your local council, MP or Ofcom >

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