Frequently asked questions about Line Rental Plus

What is Line Rental Plus?

Line Rental Plus is a line rental package available to both telephone only and broadband bundle customers. It includes lots of added extras, such as Calling Features, free paper bills and bill alerts.

What are the features of Line Rental Plus?

  • Call Waiting - Find out when someone’s trying to get through when you’re on a call, and manage both calls
  • Call Barring - Stop certain types of outgoing calls being made on your home phone
  • Call Diversion - If you’re away from home, you can divert your incoming calls to another landline or mobile number
  • 3-Way Calling - Have a call with two other people at the same time
  • Reminder Call - Book an alarm call to wake you up or remind you about something important
  • Call Sign - Get an extra phone number with a different ring tone, so you know who the call is for
  • Ringback - Choose to get an automatic call-back when an engaged number becomes free
  • International and Premium Rate Call Barring - Take control of your phone by blocking expensive outgoing calls to premium or international
  • Choose to Refuse - Allows you to block unwanted calls from up to ten numbers. Alternatively, why not try BT Call Protect? It’s completely free and helps you to stop unwanted and nuisance calls

Other great features include

  • Free Paper Bills and Bill alerts by text to your landline - so you know when your bill is ready, when we've got your payment or if your payment's overdue

How do I get Line Rental Plus?

Getting Line Rental Plus is easy. To order, please click here
Once you've got Line Rental Plus you'll need to activate the calling features and bill alerts. Click here to activate now >

To activate the bill updates by text please call us on 0800 432 0037.

What are my payment options with Line Rental Plus?

Line Rental Plus has flexible payment terms. This means that you can pay your bill however you want, for example by Direct Debit, debit card or credit card.

Remember that other products such as TNT Sports, BT Mobile or EE TV require you to pay by Direct Debit. You can still enjoy Line Rental Plus with these products. Direct Debit is the only payment option for Standard Line Rental. 

How will Line Rental Plus be presented on my bill?

Line Rental Plus charges will show in the "Rental and Other Charges" section on your bill. If you've opted in for the free calling features then these will show in the same section with a £0.00 charge.

Can I take Line Rental Plus with Line Rental Saver?

No, you can't have both together. If you're already on Line Rental Saver and want to move to Line Rental Plus, please contact us on 0800 800 150.

What other telephone products can I have with Line Rental Plus?

With Line Rental Plus you can have any of our calls add-ons which help you make the most of your home phone. These include calling plans, international calls add-ons and other features like Caller Display or BT Answer 1571.

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