All about 3 Way Calling for Digital Voice

What is 3 Way Calling?

3 Way Calling is a handy feature that can be used when three callers need to join a conversation. It's quick and easy conference calling - all three people can contribute and there's no need to make multiple calls. 


How much does it cost?

3 Way Calling is free to Digital Voice customers; you simply pay for the additional caller, unless this cost is covered by an inclusive call minutes package. 


How do I use 3 Way Calling?

Using a handset that has the Digital Voice service:

  1. To hold a call with two other people, press Options when a call is in progress with one of them
  2. Select 3 Way Call from the voice menu
  3. Enter the number of the third person you want to add to the call
  4. Alternatively, choose someone from your Contacts or Calls list by selecting Options, select the list, scroll to the number and press Call

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