All about 3 Way Calling

What is 3 Way Calling?

3 Way Calling is invaluable when three callers need to join a conversation. It's quick and easy conference calling - all three of you can have your say and there's no need to make so many calls.

How much does it cost?

You can either pay each time you use this feature or pay monthly.

One-off use is 69p.

The monthly cost depends on how many calling features you have from those offered in the Calling Feature Pack. A 30-day minimum term applies. Line Rental Plus customers can choose to opt in to take the Calling Feature Pack at no extra cost.

  • One Calling Feature - £6.36 a month
  • Two to four Calling Features - £11.26 a month
  • Five or more Calling Features - £14.74 a month

How do I get it?

You can easily add or remove Calling Features online >

How do I use 3 Way Calling?

Setting up 3 Way Calling is simple:

  • Dial the first number then press the recall button on your telephone keypad. Wait for the dialling tone
  • Dial the second number. When the call is answered, press recall
  • Wait for the dialling tone, then press 3
  • To talk to each caller separately, press 2 instead of 3 when the second call is answered
  • To switch between callers: press recall, wait for the dialling tone, then press 2
  • To end the call entirely, just hang up
  • To end the first call only: press recall, wait for the dialling tone, then press 5
  • To end the second call only: pressrecall, wait for the dialling tone, then press 7

Do I need a special phone to use 3 Way Calling?

You'll need a touch-tone phone with a recall button (time break recall) in order to make use of the 3 Way Calling service. Our online shop sells a wide selection of touch-tone phones.


BT Calling Features user guide (PDF doc, 170KB).

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