Why was my BT Email suspended or deleted?

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It's the most common reason customers can't get into their email.

Retrieve my username or password. 

Has my account has been deleted? 


If you can’t log in to your account and you’re using the correct login, the most likely reason is that your email account has been deleted.

This happens when



Has my account has been protected?  

If that doesn’t sound right, your email account might have been protected.

This happens when:

  • We notice suspicious activity. If you think this might have happened please re-secure your email
  • You have Premium email, and missed payments. We’ve temporarily suspended your account before deleting it. To get your account back, please log into My BT and pay within 28 days


How do I get my account back?


Whether your account has been deleted or secured, you recover it the same way:

  • Log into My BT using your BT ID
  • Click Your products > BT Email > Manage
  • Find the email address you want to recover and click See Options
  • Select either Reactivate or Reuse (you'll only see one of these, depending on whether the account was suspended or deleted). 

You won’t be able to get your account back if you had Premium email and then deleted it.



What happens after I recover my account? 

If your account was deleted

The only way to get a deleted account back is to “reuse” it. That means you get your email address back, but your emails and personal data are still lost.

When you reuse your account, you’re put onto Basic Email. You can upgrade if you want by buying Premium email or linking your email to a broadband account to get Standard Email. 


If your account was suspended

When you reactivate your account, or pay any missed bills, your account will go back to normal. 



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