What is the usage policy for BT Email?

BT Broadband includes an optional email service, giving you up to 11 inclusive email addresses for use by the account holder or other family members.

To keep your email address active, you'll need to log in to it at least once every 90 days at, or by using a computer program or mobile device.

If you use a computer program or mobile device, it’s important to make sure you’re using the correct email settings. Using the wrong settings could result in your email being suspended or even deleted.

The usage policy doesn't apply if you’ve got Premium Mail.

What happens if I don't log in every 90 days?

If an email address isn't used for 90 days or more:

  • We'll suspend it without notice
  • You'll have 60 days to reactivate it and regain access to all your email messages and personal data
  • After 60 days, if you've not reactivated it, we'll delete the email address and all your messages and personal data. We do this to protect your digital identity

We won't suspend or delete any other email addresses linked to your account that remain active during this period.

Why has my email address been suspended or deleted? >

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