What is the usage policy for BT Email?

The usage policy for email applies to our Standard and Basic email products only. Premium email is excluded. 

To keep your email address active, you'll need to regularly log in via, or by using a computer program or mobile device.

If you use a computer program or mobile device, it’s important to make sure you’re using the correct email settings. Using the wrong settings could result in your email being deleted.

What happens if I don't log in regularly?

  • After 60 days we'll send you an email or SMS message to remind you to log in
  • We'll send you another after 90 days if we still don't see any log in activity
  • If after 150 days we've seen no log in activity via or through a computer program or mobile device, we'll delete the email address and the contents of the mailbox. This means all of your personal data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. We do this to protect your digital identity
  • For a short period of time, you'll be able to reuse the email address but you won't be able to recover any of your personal data

For us to keep you informed, it's important to make sure your personal contact details are up to date; this way you won't miss important messages from us. You can check and update these details by logging into MyBT and selecting the Personal details link. 

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