What is the BT Email app and how do I get it?


The BT Email app is designed to make handling your emails quick and easy.

At the moment you can get it if:

• You've been upgraded to our new BT Email service. When this happens we'll send a welcome email 
• You use Android 6 or above. If so, just download the app for Android
•  You use IOS 11 or above. If so, just download the app for Apple


Note: The below steps are ONLY applicable if you have app version 1.1   


Right now, you can only add extra BT emails to your app (i.e. ones that end, or

There are two ways to do this: 


Add account on the BT Email app

1. Go to Settings -> Manage Accounts -> Add account
2. Type in the email address you want to add. If you like, you can write something under Description to remind you which email this is (e.g., "My work email")
You might also want to use the Display Name to set what name is shown on emails you send while using this app (e.g., "From: Jane, Architect")
3. Next, type in your email account password
4. Click Save

Add account on Webmail @

1. Go to Settings, select Accounts from the left hand menu and click Add
2. The new account will now appear on both webmail and the BT Email app 


If you want to be able to access all the contacts in your email account while using the BT Email app:

1. Go to Settings -> Contact Source

2. Select Server Address Book


Having a problem with BT Email? 

Learn what BT Email error messages mean and how to fix your issue. 



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