How do I use BT Wi-fi, find hotspots and get online?

We have more than 5 million hotspots across the UK and access to more than 20 million worldwide, through our initiative with Fon, so it’s becoming easier and easier to get connected.

Where can I use it?

You can use BT Wi-fi whenever you're in range of another BT Wi-fi or Fon member's wi-fi signal in the UK or around the world. This means you can log in where you see any BTWiFi, BTWifi-with-FON or BTOpenzone signal.

You can use any of the networks: BT Openzone, BT Fon or BT Wi-fi, but to find out more about the differences, take a look at this article:

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How do I find a BT Wi-fi hotspot?

You can find hotspots using the map on, or by using the hotspot finder on the BT Wi-fi app.

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For more information, including some general questions and answers:

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How do I get online?

  1. Once connected, launch an internet browser (like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome)
  2. This should load the BT Wi-fi landing page automatically. If it doesn't, go to
  3. From the BT Wi-fi landing page, select the appropriate radio button (usually BT Broadband or BT Wi-fi)
  4. Put in your username and password

    Get help with BT Wi-fi usernames and passwords >

  5. Click Login

For more information go to How to connect and log in and out >

How do I log out?

  1. Go back to the browser window that you used to connect and press Disconnect

If you're a BT Wi-fi pass holder or BT Broadband customer there's no real need to disconnect, as you'll automatically be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

However, it's important to log out if you intend to connect to another hotspot within 15 minutes, as you can only be logged into one hotspot at a time.

If your account locks or you've got any problems, call 0800 022 33 22 or +44 132 556 0841 from outside the UK at any time for help.

For more information go to How to connect and log in and out >

What's my BT Wi-fi password or username?

If you can’t remember your password or username our article should help:

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