What's my BT Wi-fi password or username?

This article is about BT Wi-Fi, the global wi-fi hotspot service we provide to most broadband customers. If you're trying to connect to your home wi-fi network, see: Connect to a BT Hub using wi-fi >


I ordered BT Broadband after 3 September 2013

If you ordered BT Broadband after 3 September 2013, your BT Wi-fi username is the BT ID you created when you joined BT Broadband. Your BT ID username is normally your contact email address. 

Your BT ID can be used to log into My BT and all your available extras that come with BT Broadband including BT Wi-fi and BT Cloud.

I've forgotten my BT ID username >

I've forgotten my BT ID password >

I ordered BT Broadband before 3 September 2013

If you ordered BT Broadband before 3 September 2013, you would have been given a BT account with an email address that ended in or This is what you need to use to log into BT Wi-fi.

If you've forgotten your or password you can reset this here:

Reset your password online >

Remember that the password for your email account and BT Wi-fi is case sensitive. When choosing your new password you should make sure that:

  • Your password is between 8 and 16 characters long
  • Your password contains at least 1 number
  • Your password contains no punctuation or spaces
  • Your password is not the same as your username

I've just got BT Broadband

If BT Wi-Fi is included with your broadband package, you will have access to it within a couple of hours of placing your order and receiving email confirmation. You can access this via your BT ID (email address) and password so long as you have a BT Wi-Fi signal. So you'll be able to use the BT Wi-fi hotspots before your new broadband line is active.

Note that for your account to become active, you'll need to have completed the BT ID setup process. If you haven't done it already you can sign up for a BT ID now.

If you're not sure when your new BT Broadband service will be activated you can use our Order Tracking service to check the details of your order.

The password reset didn't work

If you've tried resetting your password, but it didn't work, it may be because:

  • You haven't entered the security information exactly as you entered it the first time. For example, did you enter your mother's maiden name as 'jones' or 'Jones'?
  • You've tried to enter the information more than three times. For security reasons, your session is terminated after three failed attempts. If this happens, please call us on the contact numbers below.
  • Your account may have been suspended due to credit card details having expired or (if you are on pay-as-you-go) because you've not connected for 90 days. If so, please call us on the contact numbers below.
  • The new password you chose contained invalid characters or was not allowed (please check above for guidance on the format of your password).

Forgotten security question

In order to reset your password you will need to know the answers to some security questions such as your post code, date of birth and the security question you chose when the email address was set up. If you cannot remember your security question please contact us.

If you're a BT Broadband customer, call our broadband helpline on 0800 111 4567

We'll help you reset your password and make sure your security details are up to date.

I've forgotten my username or password for a different BT service >

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