How do I connect to a BT Wi-fi hotspot with my laptop?

Switch on your laptop and make sure your laptop's wireless is also switched on. You'll need to get it to look for available wireless networks.

With a Windows computer, you usually do this by clicking on the "Networks" icon in the system tray at the bottom of the screen or going to the Networks panel in the "Control Panel". With an Apple laptop, click on the "Airport" icon at the top of the screen and a list of available networks should drop down.

Get specific connection instructions for your operating system >

You should look for wireless networks with names that include "BT Wi-fi", "Openzone" or "FON". If you see one of these, click on the name and (if necessary) click "Connect".

You'll now be connected to the BT Wi-fi hotspot.

  1. Once connected, launch an internet browser (like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome)
  2. This should load the BT Wi-fi landing page automatically. If it doesn't, go to
  3. From the BT Wi-fi landing page, select the appropriate radio button (usually BT Broadband or BT Wi-fi)
  4. Put in your username and password

    Get help with BT Wi-fi usernames and passwords >

  5. Click Login

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