How do I find a BT Wi-fi hotspot?


BT Wi-Fi is available with many BT products. When you're out and about, you may see our BT Wi-fi networks in your wi-fi settings. This means you are standing in range of a hotspot and can connect using our BT Wi-fi app.

Here are some general questions and answers you might find useful about hotspots and the BT Wi-fi app.

Why can't I find a BT hotspot on my device?

Your device may not always find hotspots that are on the BT Wi-fi map. This could be because:

  • Wi-fi is switched off on your device
  • The hotspot that you're trying to connect through has opted out of the service
  • The hotspot owner has unplugged or switched off their BT Hub
  • You're out of range of the hotspot

Why aren’t hotspots exactly where they are on the map?

The hotspots shown on the map are based on postcodes and not their precise location, so you may have to move around a little to get the best connection possible.

We have millions of hotspots across the country, so it's becoming easier and easier to get connected and use your unlimited, free wi-fi minutes.

Why is the map taking so long to load?

Depending on the area you're in, you may have a slow internet connection which could mean that it takes a little longer to load all of the hotspot information.

How do I find my own location?

When you open the BT Wi-fi app for the first time you'll be automatically directed to the map which will show you your current location. You can also click on the location icon next to the search bar to reset the map to your location.

If your device doesn't have a location sensor facility, the location shown may not be as accurate.

How is my location information used?

The app will only use your location to show you where you are on the map. This information isn't used for any other purpose.

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