Set up your BT hub with fibre

BT Home Hub 3 or BT Home Hub 4

If you've got fibre broadband and a Home Hub 3 or Home Hub 4, you'll need to use an Openreach modem to get set up.

Download the user guide or follow these steps:

Your primary socket is a small white box, usually located near the front door.

It’s better to use your primary socket rather than an extension socket. The broadband signal will be stronger and more stable.

On activation day unplug all your old broadband equipment and send them back to us to avoid any charges.

Insert one end of the grey broadband cable into the DSL socket on your Openreach modem. Insert the other end in to the main socket. Make sure each end is fully pushed in - you'll hear a click.

Then, connect the white power cable to your Openreach modem and your power socket. Turn the power on at the wall, the Power and DSL lights should come on.

Connect your Hub and Openreach modem using the Infinity cable (the black cable with red ends.) Insert one end into the LAN 1 socket on your Openreach modem. Insert the other end in to the BT Infinity socket.

Then, connect the black power cable to your Hub and your power socket. Turn the power on at the wall.

Press the Power button to turn the hub on. The lights on the front will turn blue when it is ready, which could take at least three minutes.

If the lights don’t turn blue, use our hub light guide. Remember your broadband can go live up to midnight.

Your network name and password are on the back of your hub, your network will be called something like BT-XXYYXX.

On your device search for your network and enter your password exactly as it is shown. Wait a few moments for it to connect.


Your broadband speeds may fluctuate for up to 10 days while we perform tests to ensure you get the best possible speeds and connection.

Make sure you keep your hub on all the time. If you turn it off, we might think there is something wrong with the line.

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