Why hasn't BT taken my Monthly Payment Plan Direct Debit this month?

There are a couple of reasons why we may not have taken your payment this month:

Your account is in credit

If your account is in credit we've decided to give you a payment holiday and not take money from your account. We'll let you know you're on a payment holiday and tell you when we plan to start taking payments again. If you've signed up for online billing at My BT you'll see details of this in the regular payments section.

Bank refusal

This means we've applied to take your payment, but it was refused by your bank. You should have received a letter from us saying why we couldn't take the payment and what will happen next.

There are number of possible reasons your bank wouldn't let us take your payment:

  • The bank account details we used didn't match with the bank
  • There's not enough money in your account
  • The payment was higher than a Direct Debit limit that you've set with your bank
  • The bank has received a request to cancel the Direct Debit
  • The bank account has been closed or transferred to another bank

Please contact your bank if you need more help with this.

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