Where do I find my BT account number?

A BT account number is two letters followed by eight numbers (e.g., EA12345678).

If you've lost yours don't worry, there are a number of easy ways to find it. 

On your paper bill 

Your account number is in the top-right corner of your paper bill. 

Paper bill with the account number highlighted in the top right corner

On your online bill 

If you get your bill online, you can see your BT account number there.  Just log into My BT using your username. Log into My BT.

Where you will see your account number depends on whether you're using a computer or mobile.

If you're using a computer

Your account number will be immediately visible in the top right hand corner.

My BT homepage with account number highlighted in top right corner

If you're using your mobile

To see your account number you need to click on All Products, which is directly under Menu. Your account number will be the first item in the drop-down.

Using Direct Debit 

If you pay BT by Direct Debit, your account number may be the reference number on your bank statement.

Or you can look in the 'Manage your Direct Debits' section of your online banking.

By post 

If none of these options work, we can post your account number to you. Get your account number by post > 

You can also manage your BT account in My BT app.

Log into My BT >

Find out more about My BT app >

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