Your Direct Debit hasn’t been taken

Your Direct Debit might not have been taken if: 

  • you don’t owe anything on your bill (you’re in credit) - check how much you owe in My BT
  • your payment was refused by the bank - we’ll send a letter if this happens and you might need a late payment charge

Check if the payment was refused by your bank

Your bank might not let us take the Direct Debit payment if the:

  • bank account details are wrong

  • money in your account isn't enough to pay the bill 

  • payment was higher than a Direct Debit limit that you've set with your bank

  • bank has received a request to cancel the Direct Debit

  • bank account has been closed or transferred to another bank

 Please contact your bank if you need more help with this.

Other ways to pay your bill

You must pay your bill as soon as possible if your Direct Debit hasn't been taken. You might be charged a late payment fee.

Find out other ways to pay your bill.

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