I think the wrong Direct Debit amount has been taken from my account


Whole Bill Direct Debit

If you pay your bills by Whole Bill Direct Debit then we'll collect the whole amount owed for that bill by Direct Debit. This means the amount you pay will be different each time, as your usage will vary from one bill to the next. How much we'll take and when will be shown on the front of your most recent bill.


Monthly Payment Plan

On a Monthly Payment Plan you pay a fixed amount each month based on your estimated usage. We review your payments each quarter, or when you change your products with us, to make sure you’re paying the correct amount. If you’re paying the wrong amount, we’ll let you know on your bill and automatically adjust your payments. So you’ll see a change in your Direct Debit amount.


If you’ve been paying too little (debit balance)

If you’ve been paying too little, your account will have a debit balance when your quarterly bill is produced. We may then increase your payments to reduce the debit on your account, and to make sure your future payments match your rental and usage charges. If you want to keep your monthly amounts the same, you can make a one-off payment to reduce your debit balance.

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If you’ve been paying too much (credit balance)

If you’ve been paying too much, and you're in credit by more than one monthly payment, we may give you a 'payment holiday'. During this time we won't take money from your account. The length of the payment holiday depends on the amount of credit on your account. When you're no longer in credit by more than one monthly payment, we'll carry on taking your payments as normal. They may also be reduced if necessary to make sure that you’re paying the right amount.

Your bill may be higher than expected because:

  • You're making more calls outside of your plan than you were before
  • A discount on your account has come to an end
  • You’ve changed your calling plan or broadband package and we’ve had to adjust your monthly amounts
  • You’ve incurred a one-off charge which means that your monthly payments aren't enough cover your charges for the quarter

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