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Make It Or Die Trying: The Frank Warren Story

The incredible story of legendary promoter Frank Warren, the man who changed the face of boxing.



How fans can help to shape the future of a game undergoing an existential crisis.



Bosman is the story of the eponymous hero behind the infamous ruling that redefined the sport.

Proud To Be Town

The story of National League side Harrogate Town’s journey through a global pandemic.



The tale of Jimmy Greaves, one of England’s greatest sporting icons and most beloved broadcasters.

Stop The Tour

The story of how sport changed South Africa and why that change was needed.

The Gaffer

The Gaffer explores the most intense, relentless and unforgiving job in the modern game.


Team Of The Eighties

How an audacious plan was hatched to transform Crystal Palace and why it failed.

Two Tribes

How Liverpool and Everton succeeded in the 1980s amid political and cultural upheaval.

Too Good To Go Down

How relegation was the catalyst for a new Man Utd to develop after Matt Busby's retirement.

State of Play

An extraordinary insight into the trials and tribulations that lurk beneath the football dream.

Shoulder To Shoulder

The story of the Irish national rugby team which unites players and fans from two countries.

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