As part of the Life in Lockdown series, BT Sport jumped on a video call with Wolves winger Pedro Neto to discuss how he was finding time in isolation.

Nuno Espirito Santo's side resumed their Premier League campaign with a 2-0 victory over West Ham with Neto scoring a sumptious volley to make sure of all three points. 

The Portuguese winger is in action exclusively live on BT Sport on Wednesday evening when his Wolves side face Bournemouth with kick-off at Molineux set for 6pm. Find out all you need to know about how to watch that match and the nine others from Matchday 31 right here.

People all over the world are having to rely on video calls in order to stay in touch with friends and family. Have you been using Zoom much?

Pedro Neto:  "We have already done two Zoom meetings as a squad. It was nice to see everyone's faces because I have missed my teammates a lot.

"We met in person for the first time in ages on Monday and trained in small groups yesterday.

"It's exciting that we are almost back – almost!"

How are you getting your football fix?

"I miss football a lot. I've realised if I don’t have football I'm useless!

"I even miss the running.

"Now we are back, it was good to play all together and see my friends again."

Have you been playing FIFA?

"Yes I have been playing a lot of Pro Clubs, where you only control one player and play on a team with your friends.

"I'm playing with seven other people so the computer controls the remaining three players on the pitch.

 "I almost reached the first division – not yet – but I will be there soon!"

Do you play in the Wolves kit?

"We used to wear the Wolves kit but because we didn’t reach the first division the captain made the decision to change kits.

"I said ‘ok no problem, I got to choose my team so now you can choose’."

Who is the best Wolves player at FIFA?

"In the Wolves team? I have to say me (laughs).

"Then it is probably Joao [Moutinho], then Ruben [Neves] and [Ruben] Vinagre.

"But I'm not playing with them anymore because we already won the league together.

"Now I am looking for a new challenge with different friends because it was too easy to win with them! We are all very good."

What about Diogo Jota? Didn’t he win the ePremier League Invitational FIFA 20 tournament recently?

"Yes, he is very good!

"But he has only played with us two times because he prefers to play Ultimate Team by himself."

What about television? What have you been watching to keep yourself entertained?

"For the last week I have been watching a lot of The Last Dance documentary on Netflix.

"I’ve found it very interesting to learn new things about such an amazing player like Michael Jordan.

"I’m into the fourth season of Game of Thrones, too."

Michael Jordan is someone who had to win at all costs. Who is the most competitive player on the Wolves team?

"I would say I am very competitive, but the worst by far is Joao Moutinho, he is such a bad loser!

"If he is losing, he will change the rules.

"I always try to play clean - I work hard to win but if I lose I will accept it.

"If Joao is losing he will not accept it!

"On Fifa he never has a chance. In Fifa, he has played me three times and lost three times so now he doesn’t play me anymore because he cannot stand to be beaten."

The young Portuguese star had become a first team regular in the weeks preceeding the COVID-19 lockdown

Which teammate are you missing the most?

"I miss them all, I cannot say one!

"We are like a family."

Which player would you hate to be in lockdown with?

"I was asked this question recently and I said Joao - I call him 'old man'.

"Joao and I are always arguing about all sorts of things.

"He is a very close friend of mine, but I will say him because I speak a lot and he speaks a lot so it wouldn't be easy to deal with."

Have you learnt any new skills?

"I was trying to read some books but I can’t read books because I don’t have enough patience for it.

"We have done some yoga and some pilates on Zoom which has really helped me calm my mind.

"I try to do two days of pilates a week because it’s different and I’ve never tried it before and I am trying to mix up my routine.

"At the beginning, it was a little bit boring, but then when you know that it works and it’s very good for us then it becomes a little bit easier.

"I did some yoga with Conor Coady recently and he is the first English person I have seen with a sun tan! I didn’t think it was possible for English people to go brown, he is almost like my double." 

Which bits of training do you miss the most?

"I miss the short game, five against five, six against six, everyone is so competitive.

"We always talk to each other and joke who is going to win and who is doing badly – it’s very funny.

"Everybody on the team is desperate to win and I really miss that competition."

Where are you most looking forward to visiting when lockdown is over?

"I want to visit my family again.

"I am here with my parents and my sisters but I want to visit my grandfather and grandmother because I miss them a lot. 

"I am looking forward to going back to Portugal when I can." 

Is there anything you will miss about lockdown.

"No! (laughs)

"Although, I have enjoyed spending more time with my family.

"Usually my sisters live in Portugal so I don't get to see them very often.

"When this is over they will head back home to study so I will miss them."