The coronavirus pandemic has seen normal day life turned upside down for millions of people around the globe - and professional footballers are no exception.

In a new series lifting the lid on how Premier League stars are spending their time during lockdown, BT Sport joined a video call with Norwich striker Teemu Pukki to discuss how he he found time in isolation. 

Two weeks on from the Premier League's return, Norwich are rock bottom of the table and facing an immediate return to the Championship.

Tune into BT Sport 1 this Saturday from 12pm to see if the Canaries can secure a much-needed victory over Brighton and kick-start their great escape mission.

With Norwich’s Premier League campaign postponed and the Bundesliga only just back on BT Sport, how have you been getting your football fix?

Teemu Pukki: "I’ve tried not to play too much football. I’ve only played with my daughter in the back garden.

"I think I really needed this break because it’s been a long run of games with a lot of minutes. It’s been good for me personally! I feel fitter than before the break.

"Now it’s back to getting my head into football and to try and get the touch back to where it should be."

What about the Bundesliga – have you been watching any of that on BT Sport?

"Yes I watched my good friend [Finland goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky] play for Bayer Leverkusen! I watched their game the other day so I was talking to him about it."

What TV shows have you been watching?

"My wife and I have had some more time so we've managed to finish some.

"We’ve been watching Money Heist [Spanish heist crime drama series], This Is Us [American family comedy drama series] and we’ve got a daughter who is two-and-a-half years old so we’ve been watching Peppa Pig too!"

Have you been doing any home schooling?

"Not really, we’ve mostly been playing around in the back garden because we’ve been lucky with the weather.

"We are doing things with the family that we would not normally do during the season because I am away for so much so it’s been nice. That’s been the best part of lockdown."

Have you picked up any new hobbies?

"I’ve been helping my wife with the housework more. I’ve been cooking and cleaning as well, I think she’s really happy with the chores I’ve been doing.

"But they have gone back to Finland so I’m all alone now. It’s my turn to show that I can do it on my own!"

Have you learned how to cook any new dishes?

"Only the basic stuff, different chicken with rice. It’s good - club give us bags of food after training to take home.

"Since we've start training we’ve been more tired because of the break so it’s been good not needing to cook afterwards."

of Norwich's 25 Premier League goals scored by Teemu Pukki - 11

What have you missed from being in the outside world?

"Going to restaurants and seeing my family when they came to visit us.

"There’s been just three of us here and I’d want to see the rest of our families because they have been far away. We’ve been doing FaceTime though so it’s been good to call them.

"In terms of football, the big thing I’ve missed is seeing the guys everyday and being part of the locker room and living the football life everyday."

Where’s the first place you want to go when lockdown is over?

"When the season is over I think I will have a small holiday and I’d like to go back home to Finland so I can see all my friends and family. That’s a special place for me."

Norwich's remaining fixtures

04/07: Brighton (H)

07/07: Watford (A)

11/07: West Ham (H)

15/07: Chelsea (A)

18/07: Burnley (H)

26/07: Manchester City (A)

What team-mate would you least want to spend lockdown with?

"[Laughs] Not really, I’m fine with everyone and our team chemistry is really good. But it was good to spend lockdown with my family and not anyone from the team!"

What have you missed most about training?

"Scoring goals! I haven’t been able to shoot with a goalkeeper in goal so I miss that feeling when the ball goes into the net. That’s something I am really looking forward to."

What did Hradecky at Leverkusen say about his experience of playing without fans?

"Yes he said it was strange but he’s a goalkeeper so they are weird guys anyway! It’s fine for him because he’s used to being alone – he’s a loner in his goal!

"But it will be funny to see how it is to play without any fans when we resume."