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The coronavirus pandemic has seen normal day life turned upside down for millions of people around the globe - and professional footballers are no exception.

In a new series lifting the lid on how Premier League stars are spending their time during lockdown, BT Sport joined a video call with Leicester midfielder Dennis Praet to discuss how he is finding time in isolation. 

The Premier League has announced it will return on June 17 with BT Sport set to show 20 live matches from England's top flight.

Praet has missed the feeling of competition
Praet has missed the feeling of competition

How have you been getting your football fix?

Dennis Praet: "I have not been playing or thinking about football to be honest. Mostly I was running because we had a schedule I received from Leicester and it was really busy.

"So four or five days a week we had to run and do some interval training so that was the closest thing to football l was doing."

What movies or TV series you been watching?

"A lot! Money Heist, Ozark, The Missing – a series about people that are missing, it's a detective-style show which I like."

Destination you first want to go to when lockdown is over?

"To Belgium to see my family and friends again because it’s been a while. That’s a place I would like to go to."

Have you been doing Zoom chats with your team-mates?

"We have a WhatsApp group where we all communicate but there have been no Zoom chats.

"When we joined training we’ve had a few zoom chats to explain everything and how it will go on the field." 

What's it been like seeing everyone again?

"We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so it was nice seeing everyone back on the training field. 

"I enjoyed the recent training with a bit more contact in the games. We all missed the ball and we are happy to be back using that!"

Have any of your team-mates got some crazy haircuts in lockdown?

"No silly hair but there's been some people like me who have shaved it off. It's starting to grow back now though..."

Any new hobbies?

"Running! Before lockdown if I had to run it was without a lot of enthusiasm.

"But lately I am starting to like doing runs. Brendan Rodgers will be happy, my running tests have been good!"

What have you missed about training?

"The games – the feeling of winning again. That’s what I miss most.

"Today we lost the last game so I’m not so happy... hopefully tomorrow I can win again."

The Belgian has picked up a hobby that'll delight his manager
The Belgian has picked up a hobby that'll delight his manager

What will you secretly miss about lockdown?

"It was nice to be with the family and work in the garden, and to relax a bit more because I quite like gardening. The weather was really good which made it enjoyable."

Which team-mate would you choose to join you lockdown if you had to pick?

"I would say Youri [Tielemans] because he is my Belgium team-mate. I know him from Belgium and Anderlecht so we are friends from way back.

"As for others it’s difficult to say I’m going to keep it with just Youri."

Has there been any talk of socially-distanced goal celebrations?

"No, not yet. The first game won't be until three weeks from now! We are not focusing on that we are just trying to get in good shape again."

Youri Tielemans - the man Praet wants to lockdown with
Youri Tielemans - the man Praet wants to lockdown with