Jurgen Klopp has revealed the two coaches who have inspired him most as a manager, lauding the way they “changed football”.

The German is now more than seven years into his Liverpool tenure and has established a reputation as one of the most tactically innovative coaches in the Premier League’s history.

Speaking earlier this month, Klopp discussed the managers he believes have had the biggest impact on the game.


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“Johan Cruyff you have to mention as one of the most influential people in football history,” he told BT Sport. “Since I started thinking in football he was an outstanding player and coach and he developed a style of football.

“And the other one for me is Arrigo Sacchi because he inspired my best coaches. I spoke to Sacchi once on the phone. I can’t speak Italian and he can’t speak German but we had someone to translate.

“He really changed football in a really good way so that we can now organise football teams much better than our previous coaches were able to.”

Arrigo Sacchi takes training for the Italian national team

Outside football, Klopp highlighted the importance of family and religion in his life.

“My missus and our two boys are the most important people in my life,” he said. “We are extremely happy with each other, we like to be with each other. My two sons are my best friends.

“Becoming a father was tough - I was only 20. You get a nine-month preparation and when I had him in my hands for the first time there was no doubt; I knew in a split second the most important thing in my life was the responsibility for this little human. 

“Before that I was a completely normal 18, 19-year-old boy who didn’t know where to go and loved going out, but that changed in an instant and made me the person I am today even if it’s 36 years since then. I had no clue how it would all go.

“I believe in God, so I think there’s a duty to be as positive as possible because life is a gift. I am extremely thankful for the situation I’m in. 

“In the worst possible moments, as long as my family and everyone I know is healthy, I’m blessed.”

Jurgen Klopp after the loss to Real Madrid in the 2022 Champions League final

An impressive personality both on and off the pitch, Klopp has gained many admirers during his time at Liverpool.

But he insisted he is not someone to look up to, despite his achievements and a reputation as one of football’s most accomplished motivators.

“I’m not a role model, I can’t be,” he said. “I can only play one role and it’s mine. I’m always 100% myself and that’s good in one way and it’s obviously not good in other ways.

“I have no message because in this part of the world we are blessed with opportunities - not everybody, I know - but if you are blessed, growing up in a normal family, getting the education, then you have a really good chance to make your own way and that’s important.

“Maybe in the past at 56 or 57 you would be an old man, but I don’t feel like an old man. I’m too old to understand the need of social media - so many people enjoy it but I don’t understand the use.

“I always hate when people give their opinion without thinking and it happens on social media constantly because you cannot think that quickly. The world is led by that - it’s like s***storms.

Jurgen Klopp speaks at a press conference

“I cannot be a role model for life in the future because I don’t understand it. Everything I did in the past, a few things were good and a few things are not so good. But I wouldn’t tell you to do things the same way [as I did] because I was lucky.

“Giving advice depends on the situation you’re in. I constantly tell people what to do but it’s always based on the situation.

“I have no general advice. If there is one, I would like people to think about Jesus Christ, because I know there’s nothing bad in it and it’s a wonderful guideline for life. It gives you a view on life which is not selfish, which is important. My success is important, but it’s not more important than other people’s success.”

He added: “My success is because of determination to do what I do. Luck is really helpful - without it we are all screwed. And having the right people around; I don’t believe in individual success in football and I don’t need it. I always love to share the experience.

“Success for all people is different. Nothing is worse than when you are used to being successful, because you have to accept that it will not work out all the time. If you can accept that then you can have a pretty good life.

“As long as you are healthy, you can go again.”