TNT Sports is officially the new name of BT Sport, having launched in the UK and Republic of Ireland on July 18.

Here, we take a look at some of the key questions around the most significant change in the sports broadcast landscape in the past decade.

1. What is TNT Sports? Is TNT Sports the same as BT Sport?

TNT Sports is now live throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland, replacing BT Sport. 

Featuring a new and contemporary brand, an outstanding new line-up of talent, an enhanced value proposition for customers and flexible ways to purchase and watch, TNT Sports marks the start of a new relationship with sports fans.

The streaming home for TNT Sports in the UK is discovery+, where fans can enjoy a subscription that includes TNT Sports, Eurosport and entertainment in one destination.

At launch, TNT Sports presents the premium live sports rights previously carried by BT Sport, including the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby, Heineken Champions Cup, EPCR Challenge Cup, MotoGP, cricket, UFC, boxing and WWE.

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2. What channels does TNT Sports offer and on which platforms?

TNT Sports is available across all major TV platforms, offering a line-up of up to four TV channels (TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3 and TNT Sports 4), up to six digital or red-button channels (TNT Sports 5 to 10), and TNT Sports Ultimate, plus TNT Sports Box Office HD. 

Depending on your subscription and device, fans can enjoy access to the following TNT Sports channels:

  • TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3, TNT Sports 4 - in standard definition and high definition, plus six red-button channels

  • TNT Sports Ultimate will offer fans coverage of selected events in up to 4K picture resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) - representing colours and action in almost life-like quality - and Dolby Atmos sound

  • TNT Sports Box Office, offering both subscribers and non-subscribers pay-per-view access to some of the most exciting events in the calendar

You can subscribe to TNT Sports through discovery+, BT, EE, Sky and Virgin Media.

3. Are the BT Sport channel numbers changing? What channel numbers will TNT Sports and Eurosport be on?

There will be small changes on Sky, where TNT Sports 1 and TNT Sport 2 will take the channel slots previously occupied by Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2.

These are the channel numbers:

TNT Sports 1 = 408/430 (BT TV SD/HD), 410/870 (Sky SD/HD) and 527 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports 2 = 409/431 (BT TV SD/HD), 411/871 (Sky SD/HD) and 528 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports 3 = 410/432 (BT TV SD/HD), 417/874 (Sky SD/HD) and 529 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports 4 = 411/434 (BT TV SD/HD), 421/876 (Sky SD/HD) and 530 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports Box Office = 494 (BT TV SD/HD) and 490 (Sky SD/HD)

TNT Sports Box Office 2 = 495 (BT TV SD/HD) and 491 (Sky SD/HD)

TNT Sports Ultimate = 433 (BT TV 4K), 493 (Sky 4K) and 531 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports Ultimate HDR = 465 (BT TV 4K HDR)

Eurosport 1 = 412/435 (BT TV SD/HD), 413 (Sky SD/HD) and 521 (Virgin Media)

Eurosport 2 = 413/436 (BT TV SD/HD), 414 (Sky SD/HD) and 522 (Virgin Media)

Please note that TNT Sports Box Office is available on Virgin Media, but not as a numbered channel. It is available as a red-button channel as and when events become available.

4. How do I watch TNT Sports live streams?

The streaming home for TNT Sports in the UK is discovery+, where fans can enjoy a subscription that includes TNT Sports, Eurosport and entertainment in one destination.

You can also watch TNT Sports through BT, EE, Sky and Virgin Media.

5. What are the key changes?

Sports fans will be able to enjoy TNT Sports in many of the same ways as they watch BT Sport.

TNT Sports will continue to present the same live sports rights previously carried by BT Sport, including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and more.

Discovery+ is the new streaming home for TNT Sports, replacing the BT Sport app. Those customers who have access to the BT Sport app can continue enjoying TNT Sports via the BT Sport app until it ceases later this season.

To prepare for that change, BT Sport Monthly Pass customers will need to follow a short activation process through a dedicated website. You can do this today right here.  

Once you've activated your discovery+ account, from 18 July, your discovery+ account will update automatically to enable you to enjoy TNT Sports from there. 

You can also download the discovery+ app for your mobile, tablet and other connected devices to watch across multiple devices using your discovery+ log-in details. 

6. What is the cost of TNT Sports?

For customers who subscribe to TNT Sports directly through discovery+, the price is £29.99* per month and includes Eurosport and entertainment.

Platform operators determine their own individual pricing.

BT has publicly confirmed the retail pricing details for BT and EE (which are part of BT Group). For more information, visit:

For all other providers including Sky and Virgin Media, please contact your provider.

*discovery+ prices may change over time 

7. I am a BT Sport subscriber already. Do I need to take out a new subscription to access TNT Sports?

Read this article for more information. If you're still not sure what the move means for you, please contact your service provider for further guidance.

8. Is there a TNT Sports website?

The brand new means sports fans will be able to stay connected to the sports they love. will provide news, live commentary on selected events, a range of free-to-all video and highlights content, plus data and analysis on teams, athletes and competitions. 

The launch of means that will be closed. However, fans following all the sports covered by Eurosport will continue to be served the content they expect via and can still access their account.

Any fan visiting will be able to access a navigation bar to choose the sport they wish to follow.

If they select football, rugby, cricket, boxing or other sports associated with TNT Sports, they will continue on

If they select sports associated with Eurosport such as winter sports, the Olympics, tennis or motorsport, they will be directed to


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