BT Sport is launching Sign Up a new initiative that aims to raise the profile of the deaf community within sport, help make its programming accessible to all, and create new opportunities. To find out more visit

Kicking off on Monday 26 December, BT Sport has teamed up with Premier League players and managers to guide viewers through the letters of the British Sign Language (BSL) alphabet to promote and destigmatise the use of BSL among the public.

From “A for Antonio” through to “Z for Row Z”, the series will allow everyone to get to grips with the basics of BSL, and features the likes of Joe Cole, Jack Grealish and Jurgen Klopp.

On Friday 6 January, BT Sport premieres the first episode of its new series, Deaf Away Days. The series, produced with Signpost Productions, follows deaf brothers, Marios and Memnos Costi, as they visit some of the biggest sporting events in the UK including rugby, football and track cycling seen through the eyes of the Costi brothers.

“Sport should be for everybody and there should be no barriers stopping anyone from accessing it”
- Jamie Hindhaugh

This is a travelogue around various venues as Marios and Memnos see some of the best and biggest fixtures and events. The Costi brothers represented Team GB in Deaf football and futsal but will now trade their boots for a seat in the stands to show off their Deaf Away Days.

Sign Up continues in 2023 with New Signing, the BT Sport initiative, supported by EE, to spotlight disability football on and off the pitch, as well as to provide the resources to provide more visibility for British Sign Language.

New Signing will provide two BSL commentators or presenters with a first-of-its-kind opportunity to train up with BT Sport so that they can sign at some of the biggest BT Sport football games next season, including the FA Disability Cup 2023. The first of a new series documenting the new BSL presenters’ journey with BT Sport will air on BT Sport in early February.

BT Sport worked with Ruth Montgomery to create a soundtrack for all Sign Up content. Ruth is a deaf, classically trained musician who helps to bring music to the deaf community through her organisation Audiovisability. Audiovisability champions the deaf perspective, tapping into the ingenuity and brilliance of deaf creativity and musicianship.

England Deaf Footballer Lucindha Lawson with Miriam Dubois, Ruth Montgomery and Alicia Wiseman (left to right)
England Deaf Footballer Lucindha Lawson with Miriam Dubois, Ruth Montgomery and Alicia Wiseman (left to right)

Ruth directed BT Sport in how to create a piece of music that can be best experienced by the deaf community. Our Sign Up ensemble of six musicians includes three deaf performers on percussion, violin and flute.

Alongside this, our visuals include soundwaves to graphically represent the music and feature Lucindha Lawson, an England deaf footballer, performing football tricks cut to the beat of the music. These elements combine to help bring the Sign Up soundtrack to life for the deaf community.

Jamie Hindhaugh, head of BT Sport, said: “Sport should be for everybody and there should be no barriers stopping anyone from accessing it. At BT Sport, with the help of our partners, we’re taking steps to provide better accessibility in sport through Sign Up. Through New Signing, Deaf Away Days and our BSL Alphabet campaigns, we aim to help our deaf viewers enjoy sport more than ever and help raise awareness.”

Find out more about the deaf community

British Deaf Association (BDA)

Founded in 1890, the BDA is a  national Deaf-led organisation that represents Deaf people whose language is BSL. Core to our mission for 132 years has been to ensure a world in which the language, culture, community, diversity and heritage of Deaf people in the UK is respected and fully protected, ensuring that Deaf people can participate and contribute as equal and valued citizens in the wider society.

Our activities, promotions, and partnerships with other organisations aim to empower our community towards full participation and contribution as equal and valued citizens in the wider society. We aim to act as guardians of BSL.

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD)

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) provides services to deaf people in their first or preferred language, usually British Sign Language (BSL). 

Celebrating deaf culture and community is an essential part of what we do. With deaf people, and in collaboration with others, we innovate and deliver the services that deaf people want and need. 

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)

Supporting people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.

British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT)

Commissioning television programmes made in British Sign Language.

UK Deaf Sport (UKDS)

UK Deaf Sport is the leading organisation for deaf sports in the UK. Their vision is Every Deaf Person Active and Inspired by Sports and Physical Activity. They provide support, raise awareness for fairness and campaign for deaf people, ensuring equal opportunities in sport and physical activity.

Its mission is for more deaf people to participate in sports throughout their lives and more deaf athletes to perform on the world stage.