Tyson Fury defends his WBC crown in a mouthwatering all-British heavyweight clash on St George's Day, taking on dangerous challenger Dillian Whyte in front of a record-breaking 94,000 capacity crowd at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night.

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Fury vs Whyte

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But who will triumph between two of the nation's most dangerous fighters?

We've gathered opinion from all corners of the boxing universe to bring you the thoughts of some of the most esteemed minds in the game.

Read on to find out what they have to say ahead of Fury vs Whyte tomorrow night.

Lennox Lewis

“Tyson Fury can do anything in this fight. He can stand way back and throw his jab and box, or he can box inside. But if he boxes inside, there’s a danger of him getting hit. The guy that he’s boxing is going to be throwing some serious punches, he’s [Whyte] got a great right hook and a great right hand so he’s going to want to throw that. If Tyson Fury is in that distance he’s definitely going to throw that.”

David Haye

“The styles clash beautifully in this fight and I think that there’s going to be an upset. I think somehow Dillian Whyte is going to find a way to land that big left hook. I know the bookies don’t give him a shot, I know most people don’t give him a shot but I think that’s to his advantage.”

Carl Frampton

“I think Fury but I think it’s going to be a really exciting fight. I think both men may go down in the fight but I’m going to say Fury late stoppage win.”

Joe Joyce

“I think it’s going to be a good fight but I see Fury as being the bigger man, using long range shots like his jab and his movement which will be key. Dillian Whyte’s going to try and close the distance and get inside to work the body but Fury’s very good at moving around so I can only see a Fury victory but I think Whyte will bring it all. You never know, it’s heavyweight boxing!”

Ricky Hatton

“The only chance Dillian has is if he clocks Tyson and the more Tyson stands there and trades, like he has done in his last two fights, I think the more chance he offers Dillian. Dillian will hit you and he’ll lay you out.

"If Dilian hits Tyson full first, I’m just wondering how often my mate can keep getting up off his arse from these heavy, heavy knockdowns. I think one time his luck might run out so he’s got to be a bit more sensible in this fight and choose his moments early, take the sting out of him first and then put his foot down on the home straight. But he’s got to be a bit more cautious and show Dillian the respect he deserves because Dillian can hit man.”

Mark Tibbs

“Dillian is a good box-fighter. He’s a bit of a brawler, a slugger – and that’s what Dillian needs to do. But one of them could have a bad night’s sleep or a bit of luck on their side. It’s a puncher’s chance versus a slick boxer, one of those ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dillian got lucky but I’d expect Tyson [to win].” 

Joseph Parker

“I pick Tyson by knockout in the mid-rounds. I think he’ll be too much for him [Whyte]. Don’t get me wrong, Dillian is a handful for any fighter. He’s very tough and game but I just feel like Tyson has a lot more to give.

David Adeleye

“It’s definitely going to be an interesting fight. Fair play to Dillian, he does have grit and determination. He’s got his left hook – he’s got a good catch-counter left hook, he is good at evading certain shots, he’s got some nice counters. But I think his main thing he brings to the table is his grit. That’s the main thing that will get him through certain rounds, his heart.

SugarHill Steward

“We don’t know what Dillian Whyte is going to do when he comes into the fight. It’s a matter of making adjustments and being able to make those adjustments in every fight. There’s not just one game plan, you go in there with everything you’ve got and you use those tools as you need whenever you need to use them.

"That’s pretty much the gameplan, there’s not just one game plan. Obviously the one thing on our minds is the knockout, definitely that. But its just how to get it. You have to be in there and see it to make a decision and that’s for me and him to make those decisions to counter anything that the opponent is doing and to execute to get that big knockout.

Dennis McCann

“I’m going for Tyson Fury with a big KO. The big man’s going to come for the knockout definitely. I think he’s going to come out and have a look at him, few feints, draw his leads, don’t get caught up early because Dillian Whyte is a bit of a gasser and he’ll gas around six or seven rounds. Then I think Tyson will take him out late on. That’s what I’d do – but it’s easier said than done!”