Let's start with Tyson.

As it came out over the weekend, it looks like on the 24th July, we’re going to go ahead with the Deontay Wilder fight.

We’re planning to have it at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, which is the NFL stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders. It’s a very new venue and it’s incredible. It’s going to be set up for around 35,000 to 40,000 people and it’ll be one of the first big events since Vegas has been back reopened. 


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The decision was to get this Wilder fight out of the way. Unfortunately, we were getting close to doing the Joshua fight but it all fell apart because of the arbitration ruling. It’s not fair to say the other side didn’t know this was going on. Everyone knew about this, that’s why I never announced it was on, it’s something I’ve been very conscious of. The bottom line is Tyson must get this out of the way. He can’t be complacent and I don’t think he will be. He’s been training regularly and training hard so now he’s got to be focussed and get his obligation out of the way.

Tyson’s relived to have a fight date but he’s p***** off it’s not Joshua! At least all the uncertainty appears to be out of the way now – let’s just get on with it.

I think the WBO are probably going to order Joshua to face Usyk, his mandatory, and if he doesn’t he’ll have to vacate the title. If that happens, Joe Joyce could fight for the vacant title so that’s where we are. If Joshua does fight Usyk though, he can’t afford to slip up either.

But out of the bad comes some good because if they both come through with good performances, it will enhance the value of the fight even more.

We would then look to put the fight on later this year towards December. That’s a much better time in Saudi Arabia to host the fight, too. It’s much cooler weather-wise.

The problem you’ve got with hosting the fight in the UK for that time is finding a venue. You’ve got Wembley but that’s outdoors with no roof on it. You could go to Cardiff but that doesn’t have the same capacity.

The only reason it would end up anywhere else than Saudi Arabia now is if a premium was paid to take it there so I would expect it stays over there if it happens.

Next up for Super Sunny

What we had to do to get Sunny Edwards his shot at the world title was pay the mandatory challenger, Jayson Mama, step-aside money. The IBF have said now that Sunny must defend his belt against this guy now so that will probably be his next fight.

We’re negotiating the terms of that fight now, which will looks like it might be in the Autumn. Mama is a Filipino fighter and he’s very talented so it won’t be an easy defence for Sunny.

But his win over Mthalane last month was a textbook performance. It was a perfect demonstration of the art of boxing, to hit and not get hit. He didn’t put a foot wrong and absolutely did a job on the number one flyweight in the world, he took him to school.

He was an underdog, Sunny. A lot of people thought Mthalane would be too strong, too big but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better boxing performance than that. He never got caught with anything. He won every round of that fight, that was a complete shut out for me.

I know a lot of people, including Sunny, have mentioned Julio Cesar Martinez as a fight they’ve love to see, especially after what happened when Julio fought Sunny’s brother! But here we are again stuck with a mandatory. We’ll do what we have to do to get that out of the way but it won’t be a bad fight by any means. Mama can fight!

Less talking, more fighting Jake!

We were talking to Triller about making the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury but basically, they didn’t want it! They said maybe in around four or five fights time and all this rubbish. But now Paul’s left Triller and gone to Showtime so we’re going to reach out to them and see what we can do.

Paul apparently was saying that us talking 50-50 in any potential fight was ridiculous but it wasn’t us who called the fight out to begin with!

A lot of this YouTube stuff, I don’t have a lot of time for – but he called us out! It’s not like Tommy’s unknown either. He’s got a few million followers on his social media platforms, he was on Love Island in this country and obviously he’s Tyson’s brother so he does bring something to the table.

We've got a real fight for you, Josh

I saw Joshua Buatsi headline one of Matchroom’s recent shows and a few people have mentioned since that they would love to see him against someone like Callum Johnson.

We would make that fight in a heartbeat. In. A. Heartbeat! I'm not sure his team would let him near that one – but if he wants to fight a live opponent, it's there if they want it!

I like Buatsi, he did what he needed to do and it was a good knockout but the fella he was fighting was…  he was what he was. But job done for Buatsi. Now come and have a piece of Callum!