Frank Warren exclusive: Fury vs Chisora preview, Usyk on the horizon & Zach Parker update

Frank Warren gives us his exclusive insight and previews Fury vs Chisora 3, exclusively live on BT Sport Box Office this Saturday night from 7pm.

By Frank Warren Published: 1 December 2022 - 6.47pm

It’s fight week! We’re not far off the big night now and it’s great to see Tyson happy, well and engaged with the fight only just around the corner. I know he just wants to put on a good performance for the fans. He’s adopted this new, exciting style that has helped him knock out most of the guys he’s been in there with recently and that’s how he fights now. He’s looking for that big punch and that big finish.

Fury vs Chisora

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Derek Chisora is never going to outbox Tyson, in my opinion. So the only way he can win this fight is to jump on Tyson from the first bell, take the fight to him and hopefully clip him. That means he’s going to be quite open looking for that knockout, and Tyson has said he’ll stand and trade with him so I think we’re going to get a real shootout between the two fighters.

I’ve heard about this bet that Tyson and Derek have both made, to stand in the middle of the ring and whack seven bells out of each other in the opening round. To be honest, it makes me a bit nervous! I like the boxers to use their skills but Tyson is a one-off, everyone knows that – and Chisora is a nut case! We’ll see what happens on fight night, you never know!

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A lot of the talk around this fight has focussed on what could have been, or what might follow if Tyson wins. There’s a big danger a lot of people are overlooking what a nuisance Chisora can be – just look at his fight with Usyk. But believe you and me, you’ve only got to look at the shape Tyson is in to know that he is not overlooking anyone for this fight. This is business for him, we’ve got [Oleksandr] Usyk at ringside on Saturday night and we’re continuing to try and make that fight happen next year. We want to get that over the line but Tyson has got to deliver on Saturday night.

I don’t think Usyk being over here will phase Tyson at all though in all honesty. I remember Deontay Wilder flying over to Belfast to be there when Tyson fought on Carl Frampton’s undercard, it didn’t bother Tyson in the slightest. I don’t think it will be in his mind at all when he’s fighting. If anything, it’s of benefit to everyone to show we really do mean business when we say we want that fight.

I was pleased that Alex Krasyuk, Usyk’s promoter, has been telling people what really happened this week while he’s been over here too. We really were trying to make the Usyk fight for December but it was Usyk who pulled out, and they’ve confirmed that.

Oleksandr Usyk will be ringside at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this Saturday night

We’ve spoken to Usyk’s team a lot over the past few months while we were trying to work towards that December date. It didn’t happen then but we will continue working hard to make sure that is the next fight. Both parties want that fight to happen. There will not be a problem with us coming together to agree a deal. The fight will happen, I’m absolutely confident of that.

If and when Tyson does fight Usyk, that is the first domino that needs to fall for all the rest of the heavyweight division to get moving. Daniel Dubois is one of those who will benefit from that fight happening – but he needs to win on Saturday night too. If he beats Kevin Lerena, he’ll become the mandatory to whoever is the undisputed heavyweight champion. He’ll be their first defence.

As far Joe Joyce, he’s right on the cusp too. If Tyson wins both of the next two fights he’s in, which we hope and expect to be this Chisora match and Oleksandr Usyk next year, he’ll have to fight Joe if he wants to keep hold of that WBO belt down the line as Joe is the interim champion with that governing body. I think Tyson will want to keep hold of all the belts so he’ll be keen to face any and all challengers.

Wasn’t Lerena confident at the press conference this week? It was great to see he’s up for the challenge and he wasn’t phased by the occasion at all. He looked like a real solid unit at the media workouts this week, good and naturally strong at the weight. But he’s also a really good boxer, a smart guy, so it’s going to be a real test for our man.

That’s deliberate too, we want to see Daniel tested and taken into those later rounds with a puzzle to figure out.

Daniel is going to have to be on top of his game. We know he’s got power but I really want to see him use his jab more, as he has been doing in recent fights. If he keeps doing that, he is a problem for anyone in the division, he’s just so powerful.

He’s the young kid out of all these heavyweights currently at the top of contention and he’s got his whole future ahead of him still.

Zach Parker suffered a fractured hand during his fight against John Ryder last weekend

Zach will be back

It was a bit of a shock the way the Zach Parker fight ended. I had it the way most of the judges did when it was stopped, with Zach slightly ahead on the cards. I think Steve Bunce said something similar. Zach wasn’t getting banged up or anything like that but you could see there was a bit of a problem – and obviously not being able to fight means it was a huge problem for him.

I do feel for Zach. He recently had a shoulder injury that he fought on with over 12 rounds and was out for a long time, he’s had two operations on that shoulder since as a result. I think that was the worry for him, fighting on with a badly damaged hand. At the end of the day, it’s easy for people to say ‘oh he should have fought on’ – but it was a bad fracture. It wouldn’t have gotten any better, that’s for sure!

I saw some of the reaction to that fight and I thought it was disappointing, it was all knee-jerk reaction. They don’t wait for the truth to come out and see it for what it is. Zach did the right thing. He could have carried on – but he wouldn’t have been able to let his shots go. And if he did, all he would have done is hurt himself even more and mess his hand up.

It was a bad injury so I don’t think we’ll see him again before the summer. I’ve spoken to him and he’s very, very disappointed obviously. But as I said to him, nobody was knocking the life out of him or anything like that. He wasn’t taking a shellacking. If his hand was okay, I think he would have won the fight, I’ll say that now.

I do like John Ryder and good luck to him, he won the fight. I hope he goes on to do well. But if Zach’s hand hadn’t happened, I think things would have gone differently.