About BT Mobile

Exclusive discounts for BT broadband customers

If you've got broadband with us, you'll get £5 off your SIM or Family SIM plan every month. Plus you can get 10% off selected EE mobile plans, and access exclusive offers.

Double data for BT Halo customers

BT Halo customers automatically get their data doubled on all BT SIM plans, and all EE plans. Even on our limited offer and sale deals.

BT Sport included on your phone

If you're a BT SIM customer on an eligible plan, you'll get BT Sport to watch on your smartphone.

Save at least 20% with Family SIM

If you need multiple SIMs for your household, you can choose a Family SIM deal. Each additional SIM is at least 20% cheaper than getting a SIM on it's own, and they’re all paid for from one account.

Free wi-fi at BT Wi-fi hotspots

With BT Mobile you get unlimited free wi-fi at over 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots, so you can make the most of your data.

Switch to a BT SIM or Family SIM

Liking the sound of the benefits? Here’s one more. Moving your mobile SIM account over to us is easy – and you can keep your number.

Are you a BT Mobile customer?

Upgrade your plan

Get more from your mobile: upgrade your plan or add extra SIMs with Family SIM.

Still in your BT Mobile contract

You can still manage your account and buy add-ons for data, speed and more.

Get help with mobile

Need a hand? You can get help online, via articles or give us a call.

Important information

The legal stuff

Δ The monthly price for all BT Mobile plans and all out of bundle charges and add-ons will increase each year from 31st March by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January each year plus 3.9%. See bt.com/tell-me-more for details.