Learn about NOW on BT TV

You can watch the best of NOW including sport, movies and entertainment with BT TV.

Using our BT TV box, you can search, pause, rewind and record live or on-demand shows. You can also watch NOW on-the-go on smartphones, tablets and more.

What is NOW?

NOW brings exciting new content to BT TV customers, which as a result brings you more viewing choice than ever. NOW includes Entertainment, Sport and Kids programs, which are available as monthly rolling membership, you can add or remove, depending what you want to watch.

How do I get NOW on BT TV?

In order to watch NOW you need to be on one of our broadband and BT TV packages. Take one of our new BT TV packages, which include some NOW shows, or you can add NOW Membership as a monthly rolling subscription.

How do I watch NOW?

In most cases you can watch through your BT TV box or via the NOW app. You can also download the NOW app to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more, to watch on-the-go. You won't be able to watch through the BT app.

Check out the full list of compatible devices >

You’ll get the best NOW experience if you have fibre broadband and use our recordable BT TV box.

What happens if I’m already a NOW Member?

No problem. We can transfer your membership to your BT account and it will appear on your BT bill.

How much does NOW cost?

You’ll need to be on one of our flexible BT TV packages to get NOW. You can then add NOW Membership. Prices vary depending on the content you choose.

Why should I link my NOW and BT TV?

Once you've linked your NOW Membership to BT TV, whether it’s part of your plan or you add a NOW Membership separately - you'll see them on one integrated BT bill.

What if I don’t want to link my NOW and BT TV accounts?

We strongly recommend you link your NOW Membership to BT TV, it makes managing your account much easier with just one bill and if you don’t, you could be billed twice.

With our recordable BT TV box, you can also watch NOW via the TV Guide, where you can pause, record and rewind your favourite shows.

How do I pay for NOW?


You can get a NOW Membership with a rolling monthly subscription service, paid for in advance. The subscription charge will appear under the 'BT TV' section on your BT bill. You may notice that the dates are slightly different to other BT products on your bill, as this depends on when you order.

Or you can watch NOW by paying a one off charge, so you will pay once for a set period of time.

Once you’ve linked your NOW and BT TV accounts, whether it’s part of your package, a rolling monthly NOW Membership or a one-off, it will be on your BT bill.

You will be billed for NOW Membership from the day of your order. This will auto-renew every 30 days or can be switched off at any time during this period. Once it's been switched off, at the point of renewal the charges will stop and the content won't be available.

Can I watch NOW in HD?

To watch available NOW channels in HD, you’ll need to take a HD add-on, either HD (which lets you watch NOW and BT shows in HD) or NOW Boost. 

They work on monthly-rolling subscriptions, so you can cancel it at any time. You’ll be able to watch live channels and any catch-up content included in your package in HD.

Find out more about NOW add-ons >

Can I watch NOW on an extra box?

If you have a second BT TV box you can watch NOW using the EPG or via the NOW app. You’ll need our Extra Box add-on, which costs £5 a month.

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