Problem using the YouView app or failed recordings

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If you haven’t yet tried to connect please see our help on 'How to connect and use the app'. However, if you’ve tried and are having problems, there are a couple of things that might go wrong.

Spinning circle/No connection message

If you get either of these on your mobile device, please ensure that your device is connected to the internet. If you can browse the internet on your device then it's connected. Once you're sure you are connected, try launching the app again.

No information available

Sometimes, if you temporarily lose the connection on your mobile device, the programme guide will display 'No information available' on all channels. If you scroll around the guide it should refresh itself but if this doesn’t work try closing the app and re-launching it.

Failed recording

If you sent a recording request and it failed to record the programme there could be several reasons:

  • You didn't set the recording over 15 minutes before the programme started
  • There were 2 other channels being used (watched or recorded) on your box at the same time
  • The box was switched off or disconnected from broadband for some reason
  • The channel you wanted to record is not available on your box. Some of the channels shown on the app may not be available in your area, especially if you get a poor TV signal at home
  • There was no more space available on your box to record. This is unlikely since the oldest recordings are deleted to make way for new ones, unless you ‘lock’ them

Very occasionally there may be a problem with the connection between the device and your box which causes a failed recording. If your recordings fail for no apparent reason more than once, please let us know about it via our BT YouView forum >

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