What's a Family SIM?

How it works

With BT Mobile Family SIM you can get up to five SIMs for family and friends, each with their own data allowance. The more you add, the more you save.

  • One single plan - each SIM comes with its own allowance, equal to yours. And because it's all on one plan and one bill, it's easy to manage
  • Total flexibility for the whole family - your plan comes with a 12 month contract but all your Family SIMs are on flexible 30 day contracts. So, as long as you have one SIM on your account, you can add and remove SIMs without paying a cancellation charge
  • Control your mobile - manage what your family spends or give them control of their own SIM
  • You can add up to five Family SIMs to your account - you become the main account holder and are responsible for all charges

How do I order a Family SIM?

New customers are unable to order Family SIMs anymore.

If you've already got BT Mobile and want to add another SIM, go to >

If you know someone who already has a BT Mobile SIM, you can invite them into your plan. You're then responsible for paying their bill.

Find out how to invite someone >

How much does it cost?

The overall cost depends on how many Family SIMs you have in the plan. The cost for each one gets lower the more you add.

The first Family SIM is the same price as our 15GB, 6GB and 3GB SIM only plan; the second has a lower rental price and so on.

How do I keep track of things?

To keep track of your usage, allowances and settings go to >

What's the contract length?

Family SIMs have more flexible contract terms than standalone SIMs. When you add a Family SIM to an existing SIM only plan, a new 12 month minimum term begins.

All SIMs have a 30-day rolling contract. If the plan ends up with just one SIM left, that will pick up what’s left of the 12 month minimum term.

What's the BT Mobile 30 day money back guarantee?

Find out about our 30 day money back guarantee here? >

What if I already have a BT Mobile phone plan?

If you already have a phone plan, you can add extra Family SIMs. Each SIM will have a lower cost to the previous one.

Find out about our BT Mobile phone plans >


Can I change to a new plan?

There are three Family SIM plans - 15GB, 6GB and 3GB. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime but you can only do this once.


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