How do I invite someone or accept an invite to join Family SIM?

If someone you know has a BT Mobile SIM which isn't currently on your account you can invite them to join your Family SIM. Or, you might get an invite to join someone else's Family SIM.

BT Family SIM is only available for existing customers and can no longer obtained by new customers.

Find out more about Family SIM >

To invite someone to join your plan, just go to > and click Account Summary then scroll down to Manage your SIMs and Invite a SIM to your plan. You’ll need their surname, postcode and mobile number.

If they accept, we'll move their SIM to your BT Mobile account and you'll be responsible for paying all the charges for that SIM.

There's no need to order a new SIM. When they move across there's no interruption to their phone service and their number won't change.

Family SIM plans can only be added to existing BT Mobile plans, new customers are unable to get Family SIM plans.

This means someone is inviting you to join their plan, so they can get a Family SIM discount. If you accept, your SIM will move to their account and you won't have to pay the bill for that SIM anymore.

If you want to see who's invited you and the details of the plan you'd be moving to, just follow the link in the email.

Will it cost me anything to move?

If you're a BT Mobile SIM-only customer, there's no extra charge.

If your BT Mobile phone's still in contract, you'll have to pay it off before you can move into someone else's plan.

What happens when I accept?

Once you've accepted, the move should happen within 24 hours. We'll text you when it's done.

There'll be no break in your mobile service, your number won't change and you won't need a replacement SIM. Just keep using your phone as normal. We'll text you with your new allowance which will start as soon as you've moved.

Once you move to someone else's account and stop paying the bills for your SIM, there are certain things you can't do unless the new bill payer gives you certain rights.

You can't:

  • Change roaming settings
  • Change your spend cap
  • Set up parental controls
  • Buy or remove add-ons (except the data roaming add-on)
  • Get a PAC code

The new bill payer will make these changes for you.

You'll still be able to view your usage via the BT Mobile app.

What happens to my old allowances?

You'll get all your allowance for the current month regardless of when in the month you move.

You'll still be charged for anything you've spent out of your allowance up the point you move.

What happens to any add-ons I've already got?

Your SIM settings will go back to default and existing add-ons will stop. If you still need your add-ons, you'll have to get the account holder to re-order them.

If you want to order your own add-ons you'll need to get the person who pays the bill to give you full control of your SIM.

They can do this by going to 'Personalise your SIM' at >

Start by checking all the details are correct.

  • Check the surname and postcode - they have to match the details of the person who pays the bill for that SIM
  • Make sure you've got the right phone number for the person you're inviting. They may have changed numbers
  • Check the person you're trying to invite is actually a BT Mobile customer. If not, all you need to do is order them a new SIM

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