Questions about ordering Family SIMs with BT Mobile phones

Can I add a Family SIM when I sign up for a BT Mobile Phone plan?

Existing customers: Once you've picked your BT Mobile Phone plan you'll be able to turn existing SIMs into Family SIMs, and add new ones to the same order. You'll see discounted prices based on the number of Family SIMs you choose.

If you already have a BT Mobile Phone plan and want to order Family SIMs, just go to, choose a 3GB or 15GB SIM and select that you're an existing BT Mobile customer.

New customers are unable to order Family SIMs anymore.

Can I order phones for all my Family SIMs?

You can get an unlocked phone for each SIM via the BT shop. Or, you can upgrade your SIMs to phone plans at >

Will I get my phone and Family SIM at the same time?

DPD will deliver your phone but if you order a SIM at the same time, this will come from Royal Mail. They should arrive the same day or 1-2 days after.

Can I change the delivery date of a combined order?

Your phone is sent via DPD with a SIM inside. Any extra SIMs you order will come from Royal Mail.

If we haven't sent out your combined order, we can change the delivery dates. If your order is on its way, you may still be able to amend the delivery of the phone through DPD.

How and when is my BT Mobile phone delivered? >

Your SIMs will arrive on the original delivery day - you don't need to be in to sign for them.

Can I cancel my combined order of phones and Family SIMs?

If you want to cancel, you’ve got 30 days from the day after we deliver your phone and SIMs. You'll still have to pay for anything you've used up to the date you cancel.

You'll also have to return any kit we've sent you within 30 days of telling us you want to cancel, and pay the postage to return it. We'll refund anything you've paid for that kit within 30 days of getting it back.

If you only want to cancel part of your order (the Family SIMs or the phone), just let us know.

I'm pre-ordering or back ordering a phone. Can I order Family SIMs at the same time?

No. But you can still order them separately. You'll only get the reduced pricing once we've delivered the phone.

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