Emergency Alert

What is the Emergency Alert service?



In the event of an emergency - it's important we're all able to respond quickly and safely. Emergency Alerts is a new service from the Government that will warn and inform the public of events and emergencies, transforming the UK’s emergency warning and informing capability.

If there is danger that presents a risk to life nearby, your phone or tablet will receive an alert with the details and clear instructions about how to stay safe

You may get alerts about floods or other effects of severe weather.


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When you get an emergency alert


Emergency alerts will only be sent by:

-       The emergency services

-       Government departments, agencies and public bodies that deal with emergencies


The alerts will appear on your devices home screen for 20 seconds and it will vibrate and make a loud siren-like sound for up to 10 seconds, even if it's set on silent.

The alert will include a warning, details about the affected area and clear instructions on what to do.

Sometimes an alert will include a phone number or a link to the GOV.UK website for more information.


How it works



Using 4G and 5G networks, emergency alerts are text-based messages broadcasted from cell towers in the vicinity of an emergency. You will not receive an Emergency Alert if you do not have a 4G or 5G device supported with a 4G or 5G plan.

The alerts are secure, free to receive, and one-way. They do not reveal your location and do not collect any personal data. 


Can I opt out?


Members of the public can opt out of receiving all emergency alerts. If you want more information on opting out, please visit the government website. 

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