Setting up email on an email client

If you want to use an email client, there are some important things you’ll need to understand in order to set up and get started.

For the best experience and your security we recommend you set email clients to use IMAP and SMTP with SSL (or TLS) enabled; most client software will automatically set your account up with these settings but if you don’t enable SSL, there’s a risk that your email data could be intercepted, as an example, if you used an unsecured WiFi network.

We also recommend regularly checking your account to ensure it’s set up correctly and using secure SSL (TLS) connections.

You’ll then need to know:

  • your BT email address and password
  • what device you’re using, such as iPhone 16, Samsung 13
  • what application you’re using, such as Apple Mail or Outlook
  • the BT Email incoming and outgoing server settings (IMAP/POP3, SMTP & SSL/TLS).

We’ve provided some help with the most common computer programs and mobile devices

We're aware of some issues with Apple devices and applications. We have some steps for you to try if you experience any problems while setting up BT Email on your Apple device or Apple Mail.

Help with specific email client applications

The email client that comes with Windows 8 won’t work with BT Email as it only supports Microsoft's own email addresses. These end in, or You'll need to download one of the email client applications listed above.

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