Fix email log-in problems

Fix email log-in problems

Many customers find that resetting their password fixes their log-in problems.

It's possible that there's a temporary problem with the email service. Please check our service status pages >

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  • For security reasons, if you keep putting in the wrong email address or password, we'll lock your account for a short while. Make sure your 'Caps Lock' key isn't on, and check for spelling mistakes or extra spaces. Leave it a bit and then try to log in again later.

    Get help with forgotten usernames or passwords >

  • Repeat log-in failures are most likely caused because the password in your mobile device, tablet or email program doesn't match your email account. So when you change your password, it’s important you also update all of the devices you use to access your email account. You’ll generally find this in 'Settings' or 'Tools'.

    Learn more about repeat log-in failures >

  • If you're using a mobile device, tablet or computer program and you're getting password errors, you should try logging into your BT Email account at If you can see your webmail OK, then it's likely to be a problem with the way your email program is set up.

    Help with setting up your email >

If we've suspended your email address for any reason, you'll see an error message that tells you what to do. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

If we detect suspicious activity on your account, we'll secure it and you'll see a screen asking you to change your password. To get back up and running, and to maintain the security of your account, it's very important you follow all the instructions.

Learn more about compromised accounts >

Before you can log in with your BT ID, you'll need to activate it. Once you’ve activated your BT ID, we suggest changing your password. If your email address isn't linked to your BT ID, you’ll be asked to do this

Find out more about your BT ID >

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