What is Complete Wi-Fi?

Complete Wi-Fi delivers wall-to-wall coverage around your home, using Wi-Fi discs to extend your Smart Hub 2's signal. So getting online from every corner of your home has never been easier.

It's a great solution if you have a poor wi-fi signal or no wi-fi signal in certain rooms in your home.

It's our guarantee to deliver a strong wi-fi signal in every room of your home.

We'll send you a new Smart Hub 2 and single Wi-Fi disc to get you started. This covers the majority of homes, but if you still need more we'll send up to two extra discs free of charge. And if for any reason you can't get a signal everywhere, you can get £100 back.


For more information see Complete Wi-Fi >

The guarantee only covers your main dwelling, not outbuildings, gardens or sheds.


You'll receive a new Smart Hub 2 and a single Wi-Fi disc in the post when you purchase Complete Wi-Fi. For most households, one disc will provide a strong signal in every room of your home. Please note that the Wi-Fi discs will only work with the new Smart Hub 2.

If you need them, you can request up to two extra discs individually via the online troubleshooter or by speaking to one of our advisors. Our systems will help us understand where you need the signal and if an extra disc will help.

Complete Wi-Fi is available for new and existing BT customers. To sign up or upgrade see Complete Wi-Fi >

Complete Wi-Fi uses unique Wi-Fi discs to work with BT's new Smart Hub 2 to create a single, seamless, powerful wi-fi network in your home. Not only will you get wall-to-wall coverage, you'll also get faster wi-fi speeds.


Complete Wi-Fi cleverly switches from one wi-fi disc to another to give you the strongest and fastest signal throughout your home, so you don't need to use wi-fi extenders.

We recommend you remove any wi-fi extenders before installing Complete Wi-Fi as they may cause interference and impact its performance.

You may still need to use powerline adapters for any equipment that needs to be connected with a cable, like EE TV set top boxes.

We retain ownership of equipment supplied after 13 December 2019, so if you decide to downgrade or cease your service, you'll need to return the kit within 60 days of your cancellation date or you'll be charged. Here's a full list of non-return charges and information on how to return equipment to us.

If you've bought the equipment outright as a standalone product, it's yours to keep.

You can order it online or by speaking to one of our sales advisors on 0800 0800 150.

Yes, you can order it online.

Please note the standalone product doesn't come with the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee.

Whole Home Wi-Fi is designed to eliminate dead spots in all homes in one seamless network. It works no matter who your broadband provider is to create a separate network in your home.

Complete Wi-Fi is different to Whole Home Wi-Fi and the two don't work together. Complete Wi-Fi is based on similar technology but with improved firmware integrated into the Smart Hub 2.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our Complete Wi-Fi page >

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