What is BT Halo and how can I get it?

What has happened to BT Plus?

BT Plus has got even better with more ways to keep you online. And as part of the makeover, we're changing the name to BT Halo.

To get it, simply choose one of our broadband packages that comes with Halo benefits. You can see which products are included at >

If you're an existing BT Mobile customer, you might have qualified for the BT Halo benefits. You'll get these automatically if the mobile SIMs are on the same account as the BT Halo broadband. You can also share the benefits with any other BT Mobile customers living in your home by following the steps in How do I share my BT Halo mobile benefits? >


BT Halo benefits

Our best broadband packages now come with BT Halo, allowing you to get our flagship products with unprecedented benefits at incredible value.

If you take any of our Fibre Broadband packages, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Dedicated UK and Ireland-based support
  • Keep connected promise - if you have a problem with your broadband or tell us you're moving home, we'll send you a Mini Hub straight away to get you back online
  • Price Promise - your bill won't go up when your contract ends, and you'll never pay more than a new customer

BT Halo 2 customers additionally get:

  • Access to our EE Guides. Get the help you need, when you need it. Our guides will come to you at home with 2 hour appointment slots, 7 days a week
  • Smart Hub 2. We'll give you a Smart Hub 2 which comes with WiFi controls, so you can manage your family's screen time

All BT Halo customers can also choose to add Complete WiFi, which guarantees a strong signal in every room.

If you also have mobile, you'll get these benefits on all of your SIMs:

  • Mobile data boost
  • Fastest mobile speed
  • Broadband Backup

If you don't want to take mobile and broadband together, don't worry. You can take a BT Halo product only and receive all of the broadband benefits. 


If you're an existing Broadband customer regrading to a BT Halo package, you'll start a new 18 month contract.

If you’re an existing customer, we can transfer any of your BT Mobiles to your BT Halo broadband account as part of the order process to make sure you get the exclusive Halo mobile benefits as well.

You can also share the mobile benefits with any other BT Mobile customers living in your home by following the steps in How do I share my BT Halo mobile benefits? >

As a BT Halo customer, your calls will be answered by an advisor based in the UK or Ireland 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don't have to call a special number. Just make sure you enter your phone number when you call us. We'll recognise you're a BT Halo customer straightaway and put you through to the right team.

If we're experiencing a lot of calls at any time, we may route your call outside the UK so you aren't waiting too long to talk to us.

If you move to an area without fibre, you'll keep your BT Halo benefits. You'll be able to choose the fastest broadband available at your new address and you'll get our Stay Fast Guarantee. This means you'll always get the speeds you've been promised - or get £20 back.

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