I’m having a problem with BT Cloud login

You use your BT ID to log in to BT Cloud. These are the same login details you use for My BT. Remember, you must have BT Broadband and be the main account holder to use BT Cloud. You may also need to activate your BT Cloud account first, by logging into and clicking on the BT Cloud tile in 'My Extras'.

I've forgotten my BT ID username >

I've forgotten My BT login details (BT ID) >

Remember that passwords are case sensitive. So type them in carefully and check you haven't got the Caps Lock key on by mistake.


I got an error message asking me to set up BT Cloud

Go to and log in with your BT ID. You can activate BT Cloud by clicking on the BT Cloud tile. Remember that you can only activate one BT Cloud under your BT ID, even if you have multiple billing accounts.

Can I set up multiple BT Cloud accounts under my BT ID? >


When I clicked log in, the screen refreshed with blank fields

Check you typed your BT ID and password correctly and try again. If you still can’t log in, visit


I got a "login failed" message

You may not be registered as the BT Broadband Account Holder. Click here to get help checking >

If you're logging in using a web browser, clear your cache and try logging in again.


I got the error message "Could not log in. Log in with the account that you have previously used"

When you download BT Cloud to a computer, smartphone or tablet, that device is associated to your BT ID. If you change your BT ID or change device ownership, you may need to delete/uninstall and reinstall the app/program to create a new association.

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